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More on Dr. Tom

Just another interesting tidbit on Mr. Anti-Andro himself, Dr. Tom Osborne. A very good buddy of mine was a former player (punter) at Nebraska back in 91-94, and he used to tell me how players would be notified well in advance if they were going to be tested for steroids by placing notes on their lockers. Sounds like a little “oil changing” a la The Program may have been going on. Funny thing is, why on earth would they have to be notified in advance that they were going to be tested for juice? Surely there’s none of THAT going on, is there?

I’ve never been more torn on an issue before. On one hand, I’ve met the man, I know how great of a coach and role model he was for a lot of kids and players. I know that he tried hard and made choices to help his players that many people didn’t understand or approve of. I get pissed when I see people hammer him and talk shit about him all over the boards.

But then I look at what he’s been saying and wonder what in the hell is going through his mind. I know this is extremely hypocritical on his part, since I did know players on the team when I attended the university and know good and well that there were many players who weren’t exactly “natural”. It sucks to see someone who you considered a really upstanding and great individual do something like this.

Sorry, don’t mean to babble, since I know nobody really cares what I’ve got to say about him, it’s just been bothering me. Oh well, flame away.


I just wanted to address your post, mrcold. I’m not going to flame you. I just wanted to say I’m happy I am not in your position. To me, he’s just a hypocrite. I can, however, appreciate your position and respect you for your views. You bring a unique perspective to the board, thank you.

In all honesty, he's probably got debts to pay to people who put him in his current position. It has likely been put upon him to pay them in this manner. It doesn't change the issue, and he is still being hypocritical, regardless of whatever flame is being lit under him, but it is something to consider.

Thanks for the comments, John.

Actually, if I knew back then what I know now…I’d have walked up to him in that dairy queen and shook his hand and told him how great of a coach I think he is…then I’d have kicked him in his balls and told him that’s for what he was gonna do in a few years.

I’ve heard rumors about steroid usage at Nebraska also. I feel very strong;y that Dr. Osbourne didn’t want to know, and looked the other way. It’s impossible to watch a guy 24/7, but the head coach could keep a better eye on things.
There’s also been reports of incidents of Nebraska football players involved in violent incidents were the coaches got to the witnesses before the police to "talk " to them.
Personally, I think we’re seeing his true colors now.

Hey doc…while there have been many publicized reports of criminal acts involving the Huskers, trust me…there are a lot more than what you hear about on the news. These guys get away with absolute murder here because of who they are. I am ashamed to say it, but I am not even a Husker fan, living here all my life; however, I am not naive enough to think that this shit doesn’t happen at other universities as well. Peace.

Has someone who has regular contact with the football players and staff, I will 2nd that they get away with muder here. They are nothing but punks who are living off of a tradition that the current players did nothing to create and definitely nothing to carry on the famed tradition of what Nebraska football is percieved to be. Personally I’m glad they are getting embarrassed on national tv all of the time and hope they have a losing season. Not that they would care, because as long as they get drunk and sex they don’t care, not that I would expect better from them anyways.

It’s very unfortunate the nature of college sports seems to have changed so much. I’m a PSU alum and feel that Joe Paterno has done a good job to keep the program as clean as possible. There was an incident were Curtis Enis took money from an agent, and two or three duis, and two fights. Both cases the people(Rashard Casey and RJ Luke were acquitted).
On a good note, Jimmy Kennedy was personally tutored by Joe’s wife Sue. At least someone seems to practice what they preach. I wish more fans would care and demand these guys get an education, and not just worry about wins.
On an aside, John Thompson, the former Georgetown coach always railed that acadenic standards were racist and prejudicial against minority students. At this time the ncaa wanted a c average and I think, a 750 sat. My sister was put on a waiting list at Georgetown with her #1 rank out of 200 students and her 1420sat. She wasn’t quite Georgetown material that year and had to slum it at Harvard. And we wonder about college athletics. Very few fans and coaches care about the students, just the wins.