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More Nutrition Questions and training

First off, Thanks to Tampa Terry, Phill, and others for all your help so far.

First my stats and my diet.

315 lbs (215 LBM 100 lbs fat)

3000/300/186/90 on training days this is a rough average

2750/300/126/90 on non training days.

As you can see I’m trying to lose the fat. I’ve followed some of your recommendations like eating my carbs in the morning and during and after my workout. I usually consume 2/3 of my calories in the morning and during workout.

OK here’s the problem. I still am feeling weak. I’ve been getting enough sleep and even taking naps when I can get them.

Would my recovery time be improved if I added 500-800 more Calories 1-2 hours after my workout? Would this come at the expense of long term fat loss?

Thanks for the help,



Adjustment of your k/cal intake should be based on your resulting fat loss. If you are shedding more than 2 lbs a week then I would up the intake. Other than that you may start to gain back.

I would probably say that your feeling of weekness is most likely coming from overdoing it on the training. Which could actually slow your progress. I would look there first. More is not always better.

How much cardido are you still doing along with the EDT. You need to kinda ease into this and build your tolerance levels again.


I haven’t weighed myself since a week ago. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning. I’m just starting my fasted walking schedule. I’m doing it 3 days a week in the morning when I don’t do my EDT.

Any tips for how to weigh myself. Is it best to do it Monday morning after 2 days off from lifting? My schedule is MWF for EDT and TThS for my fasted walking.

Lastly, how will overtraining hurt my progress? Cortisol levels up too high?

BTW, all the best for your mom, we’re all praying for her and your family.



As far as when to weigh yourself I would say yes first thing in the AM. Other than that just stay consistant. Pick a day and stick with that day 1 a week.

The overtraining. Yes cortisol, lowered T-levels, and other hormomal imbalances, as well as a host of other probs. Do a search on the Mag there are a # of great articles on the subject that will explain in much greater detail then I have time for right now.

Thanks for you thoughts and wishes. We will pull through this.


Just wanted to say that the whole overtraining thing is not a for sure I was sending @ you. Simply something I thought you might want to keep an eye on as a possibility.

Keep us informed on your progress.

sounds like you are working hard, it will pay off in the end.