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More Negative Effects of Soy



"A plant chemical found in soya, tofu and legumes could potentially damage sperm and affect male fertility, a British researcher said on Wednesday."


You bastard!! :slight_smile:

You beat me to it !!

Yeah, it's pretty scary, it even implies that women who are trying to conceive shouldn't even eat that stuff.

Here's a question: why do people like that crap so much ? I mean it's not even that good - it looks like malnourished dog shit and tastes like cardboard. Well, to each their own, I guess.


We said the same thing here on T-Nation back in 1999!

And it was based on published research.

Amazing that it's just now beginning to get some press.


And eyet the misinformed sheeple will still pray to the soy alters. I can't convince my mom about soy, she thinks I'm just being an ass when I freak when she uses my containers for her soy shakes


I use to eat soy a lot ...damn... Soy milk, tofu, fake meat its been a year since I stopped completely, guess what ? I'm bigger, leaner, stronger.

thank you T-Nation.