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This thread is for T-Nation powers that be to see:

I first saw Nate Green enter the T-Nation scene back in Mid 2005...He may have been on earlier but that's when I remember him. He took a ton of flak for some threads...

Then in 2007 he posted some great lifts. Everyone was impressed.

Then he started writing. And I have to admit I really enjoy his articles. In fact over time, his articles have become my favorite. Why am I saying this?

I would like to see Nate Green do at least one article a week, regarding his travels to conventions, training camps, or even absurd scenarios. I think he should become T-Nation's full time investigative reporter, basically like John Stossel. I know others have talked about it, but I would love for him to plan an execute things like setting off the "lunk alarm". I feel this would be a perfect gig for him, and excellent reading for me!

What does everyone think? If we are down let's get some momentum on this thread!


And in the spirit of T-Nation...and beautiful woman, and friend of mine, to kick things off: Maggie Q! Great athlete too...


I like his stuff too.
I think he's too busy trying to score with another pornstar to write an article a week. It's tough trying to do that while following around the crew from Brazzers.com.


No thank you. If we have an article supposedly detailing a hypertrophy program from Dave Tate, I'd rather have the article written by... Dave Tate. Straight from the horse's mouth and whatnot.

If we're talking training articles, Nate just doesn't have the depth of knowledge yet that a lot of these other authors do. So in that sense, I'd rather see a good Cressey or CT article long before I want to read one from Nate.

If we're talking reporting articles, I don't really care who writes those, so that's neither a plus or a minus.

So to recap: indifferent on reporting, do not want for training, and do not want for regurgitating others' training methods.


I've gotta admit Nate is great! I enjoy everything he writes, it's always interesting and informative.



should entertain you for a bit


Actually agree with you. The Dave Tate articles (I am starting to wonder if he is camped out in Ohio) are in my opinion just Ok. It was the Arnold Classic article and the NFL combine article that got me. I enjoy reading funny observations, and experience articles. The how to make your Biceps huge articles are a bit played out with me.

But I think your point is extremely valid, Nate Green isn't experienced enough to write a very in depth training article; and I would also prefer a good CT, Cressey article to another installment of NG on Tate!

I am thinking T-Nation should use Nate Green like Discovery channel uses Bear Grylls, or like I said John Stossell.


It's very likely that Dave is too busy to do a full article writeup. so if he's willing to talk to Nate for a half-hour, hour, whatever and have the article come out of that, I think thats the best idea


I understand that, but in that case I'd rather not see the article at all until Dave has time to write it up. YMMV.


Maggie Q of Kungfu Magazine fame?


eh, different strokes, i guess. I'd rather see an article ABOUT dave than NOT see an article BY dave


Dave would disagree, he has posted several times on his blog and elitefts that he thinks Nate does a great job bringing his ideas to articles....and yes I would think he is far too busy to write his own stuff.


Nine kinds of awesome, but I'll stick with my original opinion.


Nate is great writer, and a great guy.

I actually caught up with him in the last couple weeks to do an interview.

Check it out here: http://on-fit.com/?p=183

I'd love to see more from him. Do any of you guys have his book? I just finished it, great stuff.


I think Nate is a good writer with great potential, I almost see him as a young TC in a way. Throw this kid a bone here and there, let him shine.


Here are some concepts for stories I think it would be great if Nate did

  1. Nate does an in depth look into military training...i.e. is Crossfit really the future? Hope not...But it appears that's the way a lot of the US Military is going

  2. Nate spends a week or two at an MMA camp, or maybe hits several of them. Discuss training methodologies etc

  3. Nate spends 1 week to 1 month is Dan John. I think that article is self explanatory!

  4. Nate travels around the globe to explore different training regimens in other countries. China, Australia, Russia, etc

  5. Nate checks the strength and body fat composition of the average American...and the Men's Health staff!

  6. Nate attends virtually any convention and writes about it. This could include Star Trek conventions, Bodybuilding forays, and Swimsuit tryouts.

Bottom line is I think Nate is a great writer, and I enjoy reading his insights. I think most of us would like to see more of him. Reading something weekly that is funny, pithy, and informative is worth my time. Just like many of us enjoy TC's weekly dose; I think Nate should do the same.



I have it. Wasn't too impressed, though it wasn't bad. Its suitable enough for a pure beginner.

I enjoy his style of writing though.


Cool, I was thinking like 7-8 kinds of awesome...but I'll go with your assessment.


strongly agree, i love they way he writes and i just bought built for show.


Nate Green should write more. I really enjoy his articles. And he adds a nice variety to the reading on this website.