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More Muscle or Sex?

What would you have more:

Sex or Muscle?

everyone reply please!

Shouldn’t this be in the “Off-Topic” Forum? Okay, I’ll bite…my priorities aren’t that screwed up – sex. Obviously, muscle would be a very close second.

muscle = sex

you could also make the argument that sex=muscle. change positions frequently to vary the angle of stress on the given muscle. also, deep and hard thrusting will definitely improve the strength of the core stabilizers. not to mention a great high intensity cardio session. if i could only last more than 2 minutes i’d be ripped.

Good point, but not necessarelly ture. I think Money=Sex, Intellegence=sex is more like it. How many guy do see with hot looking women and wonder what the hell is she doing w/ that? Ever wonder. So does muscle=sex maybe to certian women but not all. And I agree this should be in the OFF TOPIC section.

Who are we kidding? Sex is going to take place under numerous conditions or for a variety of reasons. So sex = sex with person, animal or thing no matter the factors involved. HA!

I must say though muscles might lead to more stamina.


I am the only guy that would think more muscle.,… After all more muscle would give me more confidence and better chance of scoring with my poor communication/social skills.

It’s simple, I want both! but I solved the sex by getting married and the muscle I keep working at.

Non over-enhanced muscle (ie your nuts still work just fine) = more sex. Here is how it works: muscle/health=stamina=longer duration of sex. So, whether or not you are having more partners does not matter… longer sex is more sex. Also, more muscle might enable you to club more women and drag them back to your cave. :wink:

If you are working-out to get in someones pants. Your are working-out for the wrong reasons. Women see through muscles. Sure it might give you a little more confident. But you are who you are.

Muscle. I never get any sex anyway. :frowning:

what the fuck?! you call yourselves goddamn bodybuilders and you’re putting sex before lifting??? a fucking disgrace is what you all are. yes, sex is nice but where are your priorities?! definitely not in the gym!! if you’re not gonna give 100% priorities to lifting then get the fuck out now.

after a point muscle=LESS sex. MOST women do not want a guy that is REAL big. anyone that says muscle is CRAZY

Well gee, if I already have the money and the intelligence, I suppose muscle would be just the thing to top off the SlapMonkey cocktail! (Hehe, I said cocktail) Of course, I don’t actually have the money and any flirting I do seems to be accidental. It’s complicated…

Geez, would we ever really be in a situation to choose one or the other? Hmmm, sex, if I could only have that in my life. Unless I could get really buff. Then I’d a be a true narcissist(I know that’s spelled wrong). Isn’t that where you wanna have sex w/ yourself?


I think I speak for everyone when I say that I would take more NINJAS.


Because ninjas are fucking sweet.


Stolen from my main man Big Z in Boston…WEIGHTS=DATES…


MUSCLES. I get all the sex I need from my woman. It’s harder to get the muscle.

Muscle!! I am at college so the sex is always there, but good, quality, consistent muscle gains…now that’s elusive!
No worries though, slow and steady I will prevail!