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More Muscle Definition


Hey everyone, I want to ask your opinion on what sort of training I should perform to get more muscle definition and shaping but without adding more bulk?

Thank you for your attention



You cannot “shape” a muscle.

More definition = bigger muscles, less fat.


More definition is directly related to your diet and body fat %. If you don’t want to get bigger, ie gain more muscle, then you’re stuck with what you currently have.


Lose fat, calorie deficit. Keep doing some weighted work albeit with more care at injury prevention. Total Body Training 3 times a week with lots of cardio works. Have fun.


Thank you for the replies everyone!


you can “shape a muscle” by doing very specific exercises. hence why you’ll get the whole attitude here on T-Nation where kids want to get big biceps, big bench numbers and 6 packs and we tell them not to. if you do no leg work, you wont get muscles there. likewise you can target more specific areas, but only elite bodybuilders do that.

however even then you are gonna have to gain weight to gain muscle in that area and lose fat. so its the same thing.


A muscle can only do two things Grow or Shrink. It’s shape is determined by genetics.