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More Movies You've Watched This Week


Looks like the original thread is too long now, so time to start another. This was my last post from the original thread.

Lake Placid - The best giant crocodile movie I've seen. Hard to believe I've seen several of them.

Raging Bull - Catching up on the classics. Great movie. Cathy Moriarty was a hottie when she was younger.

The Crying Game - This movie is pointless to watch if you already know the twist. Otherwise it was frigging boring. I don't get the guy's behavior once he figures out what 'she' is all about.


I watched the wrestler last night and liked it but im not a fan of seeing people self destruct.It was a great movie but im allways left with kind of a sick feeling anytime I see someone have an oppurtunity to turn there life around and they dont and it becomes there end.


Starrbooty - RuPaul plays an FBI agent/supermodel who has to go undercover as a prostitute. Needless to say, it was awesome.

A History of Violence - Excellent. The stairway sex scene wasn't hot like I had heard it was, but maybe I'm just not into that sort of thing.


Has anyone seen Defiance? I think it came out today on DVD and I might rent it if it's worth seeing.


I rented it today actually. I probably won't be able to watch it until Thursday or so. I'm going to power through Season Four of Weeds first.


Slumdog Millionaire I Really, really enjoyed this movie. I found it really engrossing.

The day the Earth stood Still - Could of been better, plus I really don't like Kathy Bates.

Rise of the Footsoldier - I was enjoying this movie but I lost where the story was kind of going about half way through. Might watch it again sometime later.


I love Lake Placid!!!! That scene where Oliver Platt holds up the toe and asks "does this look like him" and the sheriff answers, "he seemed taller"

oh man... Love that movie

I got Defiance today and will probably watch it tomorrow

Tonight is my last disk of the True Blood series. I am a bit addicted.


I rented BTK last week..... Ugh, it was awful.... I stopped watching it about 30 minutes in.


I Watched Mulholland Drive again. David Lynch films are usually pretty slow but very twisted and strange. Have Lost Highway coming next (also very good).


Paul Bart: Mall Cop....bad, very bad. I actually felt bad for Kevin James, he's sooooooo fat.

The newest Rambo, which was great.

Underworld Rise of the Lichens, it was ok


The dialog in that movie was hysterical.

Kelly (on phone): It's so rewarding to imagine my tax dollar finding its way to you, you fuck-shit!
Hector: You're a saucy flirt.

Sheriff Hank Keough: I... I... I never heard of a crocodile crossing an ocean.
Hector Cyr: Well, they conceal information like that in books.

Sheriff Hank Keough: Ma'am, your husband Bernie, you didn't by any chance lead him to the lake blindfolded?
Mrs. Bickerman: If I had a dick, this is where I'd tell you to suck it!

Betty White for the win!


I don't own a lot of movies, but you just reminded me that is one I do want to buy.


I watched The Mist last night. I thought it was fucking great. The lady that played the crazy religious zealot did an amazing job of making me want to kill her. Crazy disturbing ending too. See it if you haven't already.


I've got 2 weeks before classes start, no digital cable hooked up yet in my new place, and a TON of movies I've been meaning to get around to watching. Expect a large post in 7 days time...haha.

On deck for tonight...

Mean Streets.

Aw hells yeah.


Definitely in my top 5, and by far my favorite DeNiro performance.


Damn you, I have been entirely unable to find Lost Highway.

I watched Mulholland Dr. again last week. Still engrossing.


Also, don't know if I put these in the other thread or not:

Drag Me To Hell - Very well done. Probably the best standard horror movie I have seen. It has great suspense/psychology.

Up - Amazing movie, go see it.


Watched Tormented. It was entirely mediocre. Wasn't scary, though had some unique gory bits, like some poor chaps eye falling out. Overall the acting was poor, most of it was unintentionally funny, and was far too predictable for my liking - that said I really expected it to take the 'all in her head' route. That would have made the incredible. Unfortunately it didn't, and it isn't.

Push was awesome. Some really great direction, and the camera angles and lighting were superb. If you haven't seen the trailer, it's kind of like hero's meets matrix. Pretty good acting, clever twists and turns. Just a great movie, highly recommended.


I've been saying the same. I don;t think that movie got enough credit. It has to be the closest adaptation to a King novel ever made...aside from the ending. I think it is simply hard to classify some of his movies. This wasn't "horror" as much as it was drama and suspense. The entire issue is how people react when the lights go off and the world changes instantly. The worst monsters in the movie were the people, not the creatures.


I have to disagree, after all the hype it got, I was really disapointed.... It started to feel very long towards the ends... the brother seemed needlessly useless / mean... and the whole love affair with the girl just felt really forced....