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More Meltdown Training Questions

OK, I have started the Meltdown program and thought I was going to puke after the very first workout. I am looking forward to this program very much as I have gain some FAT over the holidays and didn’t hit the gym for 3 weeks…

Anyway, I looked through the search, but didn’t find my answer. I read a lot about results, but not my question.

I just want to be sure about the program. After doing day 1 & 2, I am suppose to do some interval training correct? This is where I could jump rope for 60seconds very intense, and then rest for 180seconds, correct?

SO basically the first 2 weeks is 2 days of latic acid training and on the off days is the interval training and that’s it, correct?

Can someone please verify this for me? I just want to make sure I am doing it correctly. Also, if anyone else has any other tips that were NOT in the article…