More Meat, More Power

The title of this log is what a small man of SE asian descent said to me about 10 years ago when I was ordering a all meat pizza from a Mrs Vanelli’s at the mall. It also has probably little to no relation to the actual goal and content of this log, but it was the first thing to pop in my head so here we are.

Long story short, I just finished my 4th powerlifting meet last weekend and am going to try something new. I am going to keep this log up to show the bridge from my last meet to my next one which could be at the end of the year or next spring. Haven’t decided yet. Once my next meet is done I will decide to continue the log or it will end. Whatever I feel like at the time.

The ACTUAL overarching goals of this log are as follows:

1: Focus on being more consistent in my training. I often seem to keep pushing my days down the line and my training cycles take longer. So I by logging some stuff I hope to at least FEEL a little more accountable, but that could be a stretch. I hope at least it makes me more mindful of how I approach training. I hate social media, and I am not the kind of person who likes to post tonnes of stuff about myself on the web, but I figure this is low key enough so what the heck.
2. To help me build good habits so as to minimize bad ones.
3. Just to give a different perspective when analyzing my training.

28 y/o male
270 lbs approx.
+30% bf

I lift in an IPF affiliate, raw. Overall my first meet in 1.5 years went ok. Win some, lose some. I just wanted to shake the cobwebs off and see where I was at after a decent competition layoff (damn house renos taking up all my time). I started using 5thSet and this was my first meet after starting the methodology. I can confidently say this will be my main training resource for the forseeable future, definitley fits my life. Here is how the meet went:

583 squat, these went phenomenal, several people told me they looked extremely fast. still hope to crack 600 by my next meet but i have been saying that for over 2 years.
347 bench, I screwed up my attempt cards, so ended up accidently getting 341 loaded for a 3rd. Not sure if I could have hit 350+ though so it might have been a blessing in disguise.
567 deadlift, damn near had 611 (which would have been a 5lb PR) locked out, but the bar slipped out of my left hand right as my hips locked out, 99% sure this is becuase I stopped doing pullups becuase I am fat and did less deadlifting from the floor also because I am fat, easy fix for next time.

So PR’d on squat, bench, and total. If I can get my shit together and lose some appreciable weight, I might be able to do something sort of cool.

Post Meet

I am actually not really beat up or sore. Was a bit the day after but a week later I am pretty close to 100 percent. Only thing giving me trouble is my right shoulder, tweaked it when beginning my peaking cycle during bench press and then again setting up for my first squat at the meet. A bit tender in certain positions so I will continue to monitor. Currently running the 5thSet Post Meet Microcycle, the idea of which I like. Gets me right back to the gym so I don’t go off the rails.

My general plan at this point is to get through the microcycle, go on a small vacation then return to full training. I will be running 5/3/1 and my focus will be as follows:

9 day microcycles (3 lifting days a week).
1 main lift a day.
Going to be running a variant of 5x5/3/1 for all lifts.
Start building GPP/conditioning into my training which is badly needed.
Lose weight.
Maintain strength.

After I finish the Leaders and Anchors I will hopefully have my next meet picked out and I will either start or bridge into 5thSet.

For now I will just post training, but eventually I will hopefully post my nutrition once I start tracking my macros. If I can get everything down in one place, I hope to learn a few things from this log.

Lets get to work. Critiques and constructive criticism welcome.


First day back to training was Wednesday. Here it is:

15-20 minutes mobility, glute and bracing activation

Bench Press 115lbs 3x5
Lateral raises 15lbs 2x10
Rear raises 15 lbs 2x12

Quick in and out. Everything was light and just to get the blood flowing. Felt great.

Second day of post meet cycle:

High bar squat 3x5 @ 195
Barbell Row 2x12 @ 155
Dumbell Row 2x15 @ 50
Knee Raises (hanging from bar) 3x10

Changed over to high bar as they are easier on the shoulder. Everything felt great, biked home as a little cool down.

Totally forgot to post my last workout. Last Wednesday:

DB Incline Press: 2x25 @ 40lbs
Rolling Tricep Extensions: 2x20 @ 20lbs
1 Arm Tricep Cable Extensions: 2x25 @ 20lbs each arm, overhand. Repeated again for underhand
Band Pull Aparts: 2x30 reps with red band

Felt good overall, nice bit of blood movement. My right shoulder is still hurting though, so I may have to go see the physiotherapist. In my upcoming 531 cycle I may use Slingshot Bench in place of competition bench to see if it takes strain off the shoulder.

Took some time away from training to build a fence and let my shoulder heal. Feels a lot better now, and I will be pushing straight back into training. Decided to skip the 5/3/1 phase go right back into 5thSet and target a meet in January. Focus on building GPP into my training is still there. Gonna start with the Wenning Warmup and go from there.

First day back in the gym after nearly 3 weeks off and it was…interesting. I really have got to stop the all or nothing mindset. Didn’t plan on being out that long but it is, what it is.

Bench Press 4x2, then 1x7 @ 255, matched current PR at this weight, but my best 10RM is 265. Hoping strength picks back up quickly, as I felt I should be able to do this for 12 or more.
Spoto Press 15,8,5 @ 150, target reps here are 2x15.
BTN Press 3x8 @ 95
Lateral raises 2x10 @ 35
Rear Laterals 2x12 @ 25
Hanging Knee Raises 2x10

Bench press was very uncomfortable. My shoulder is not in as good as shape as I thought but why would it be after not doing anything for 3 weeks. I won’t panic just yet, as I wont try physio until the heavy work on my backyard fence is done. I will just continue to monitor, might try using my Slingshot to see if it can let me train through it to heal. Might be wishful thinking.

I am in terrible shape. I felt like I slightly tweak a quad doing some basic stretching (butt kicks). When I left the gym I felt completely drained. Hope I get a good sleep tonight.

Squatting for the first time in the new cycle. It was interesting.

Started with Matt Wenning Warmup:

Dimel Deadlift
Hamstring Curl
Air Squat

Done circuit style for 3x25. He recommends 4x25, but even with the hamstring curls on the lowest weight they were getting spicy. Capped it at 3 sets. God I am out of shape.

Squat 4x2, then 1x6 @ 430lbs. Current PR at this weight is 10. With Being out of shape and adding in the new GPP warmup at the start probably took a bit off the top. Also only getting 4 hours of sleep last night probably didn’t help.
Hack Squat 3x12 @ 90lbs.

Felt pretty drained so I capped the session here. Will do back work and conditioning tommorow before going on the road.

Good news is I can squat without shoulder pain, so I will only have to figure out what to do with pressing movements.

Finished back work:

Barbell Row: 2x12 @235
Barbell Shrug: 2x12 @ 235

Sled work: 290 yrds in 15 minutes @ 270lbs

2nd Pressing day of Microcycle:

Incline Dumbell Bench Press (neutral grip): 50lbs for 1x30 and 1x16.
Rolling Tri Extension: 2x12 @ 35lbs
1 Arm Tricep Extension (overhand): 2x25 each arm @ 30lbs
(underhand) 2x18, and 2x15 each arm @ 20lbs
Band Pull aparts: Red band for 3x30 reps 60 seconds rest.
Plank: 40 seconds

Shoulder acted up some during DB press but since everything else went pretty smooth. Deadlifts on monday.

Blinked and I hadn’t trained in 10 days. Guess thats what happens when you get a brief bout of the flu.

Deadlift 5x3 @ 405, these moved great, this is speed and technique work, experimented with a new setup routine and it went awesome. I have been hating deadlifts lately, but I think this will make them move much better.
Dimel Deadlift 2x15 @ 260
Pull Throughs 3x12 @ 90
Lat Pulldowns 2x12 @ 100
Fat Man Rows (over) 5,10,8 @ BW
(under) 5/4
Hammer Curls 2x12 @ 25

Definitely gonna need physio on the shoulder.

Wenning Warmup:
DB Bench @ 20
Band OH Tri Ext @ red
Rear Laterals @ 10
All done for 4x25 circuit style

Slingshot Bench, worked up to 295 for a double till the pain started. Gonna keep it around 225 for volume goals if I am allowed to during physio.
Lateral raises: 2x10 @35
Rear laterals: 2x12 @ 25
Hanging Knee Raises: 2x12

Back to training consistently. Squats today.

Competition Back Squat: 4x2, then 1x8 @ 435. Rep PR at this weight but not a new 8RM, ran out of gas on this set. Gotta get back in shape.
Hack Squat: 1x12 @ 90, then 2x12 @ 100
Barbell Row: 2x12 @ 235
DB Row: 1x15 @80 each arm
BB Shrugs: 1x12, 1x10 @ 235
Calf Raises: 5x10 @ 10
Face Pulls: 2x20 @ 100

Felt tired as hell before the gym and it took me long today but glad I went. Just gotta remind myself that I never regret going to the gym after I get there 99.9% of the time.

Somehow took another week off. Fence is finally done, and was away for a work trip, but god training has been a shit show lately.

Incline DB Bench Press: 2x30 @ 40, dropped the weight down from 50 last session. Shoulder felt good so I figure it was the right choice.
Rolling Tricep Exentions: 1x15 and 1x8 @ 35
1 Arm Tricep Extensions Overhand: 2x25 @ 30 per arm
Underhand: 2x8 and 2x11 @ 30 per arm
Band Pull Aparts: 3x30 with 1 minute of rest using red mini band
Plank: 1 minute hold with bodyweight

Deadlifts: 5x3 @ 410, new setup is working great. These felt awesome
Dimel Deadlift: 1x15 @260, 1x15 @ 265
Cable Pull Through: 3x12 @ 100
Lat Pull Downs: 1x10 @ 100, 1x10 @ 110
Fat Man Rows (Over): 10,8,5
(Under): 5,5
Hammer Curls: 2x15 @ 25

Usually bench day, but since my shoulder is still hurt I just decided to do a bunch of machine pressing to get some blood flow.

HS Machine Chest Press: 3x10 @ 55
Machine Shoulder Press: 1x25, 1x15 @45
2nd Machine Bench: 3x15 @ 80,60,40
Lateral raise: 2x10 @ 35
Rear Lateral 2x12 @30
Hanging Leg Raises: 2x15

Squats today, and everything felt terrible. Probably a combo of extending the microcycle too long and moving around a bunch of gravel on the weekend. Lower back was jacked up almost the entire time I trained. Happens some times but I am not worried.

Squat: 4x2, 1x4 @ 440, these just moved slow today. The last rep on the 4th set felt like it was in slowmo. Was hoping for a new 10RM but I will take what I can get.
Hack Squat: 1x12 @ 100, 2x12 @ 110
Barbell Row: 1x12 @ 240, 1x12 @ 245
DB Row: 1x15 @ 90 per arm
Barbell Shrugs: 1x15, 5 @ 245, I can’t seem to find a rhythym with these. Probably switch to DB or Trap bar next cycle.
Face Pulls: 2x20 @ 105
Calf Raises: 5x10 @ 20

Secondary Pressing Day:

Incline DB Bench: 1x30, 1x11 @ 45
Rolling Tricep Extension: 2x15 @ 35
1 Arm Tricep Extension (overhand):2x25 @ 30 per arm
(underhand): 2x12 @ 30 per arm
Band Pull Aparts: 2x35, 1x29 using red mini-band, 45 second rest between sets
Plank: 1:15 second hold @ BW

Nothing special here, just work. Shoulder only mildly hurt during DB Bench. Going to the doctor on Tuesday to get a referral for physiotherapy.

Deadlift speed/technique work.

Deadlift: 5x3 @ 415, forgot my liquid grip so I had to use straps, just got the work done.
Dimel Deadlift: 1x15 @ 260, 1x15 @ 270
Pull Throughs: 3x12 @ 105
Lat Pulldowns: 1x10 @ 100, 1x10 @ 120
Fat Man Rows (overhand): 10,8,7 @ BW
(underhand) : 7,6
Hammer Curls: 1x12 @ 25, 1x12 @ 30

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Friday lifting:

Shoulder physio work after warmup, some cable and band movements.

Slingshot Bench Press: 3x8 @ 225
Slingshot Dips: 3x10 @ BW
Lateral Raises: 2x10 @ 35
Rear Laterals: 2x12 @ 30
Hanging Leg Raises: 2x18 @ BW

Started physio for my shoulder today. Apparently I have almost literally no aduction movement in my arms. They gave me a set of moments to do twice a day. Physio said around 6 weeks to start seeing results. Apparently this is similar to what he sees with a lot of rec ball players in the spring. Once they get this going for 4 week they are good to go. Hoping to get through this quick so I can start pushing my bench press again.

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Sunday Squats:

Squat: 4x2, 1x4 @ 445
Hack Squat: 1x12@90, 2x12 @ 115

Was late so I had to cut it short. Mobility and physio stuff took longer than intended. Do my back work on Monday with some sled pushies.

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