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More Mag10 questions for Bill Roberts

I wasn’t really considering using prohormomes until I started reading some of the results reported by people in this forum.

In any case, I am planning on going on multiple 2 week cycles of mag10. However, I am thinking of having really long gaps between these cycles…like maybe 6 months. Reason being that, I really want to try and maintain as much of the gains as I possibly can for a longer period of time. I dont want to shoot up with phenomenal gains and then loose a lot of those gains say a year from now…I also dont plan on using Tribex or M between cycles…I figure that I am giving my body enough time to recover naturally…morever I’d pretty much run out of cash with all the money I plan to spend on Mag10 bottles…

So what do you think Bill?...do you think I should go ahead with this kind of a plan...or is it too conservative?....like I said - I dont really care for quick phenomenal results...I'd rather have the gains spread out over period of a couple of years and then maintain them for even longer...

I am also very concerned about hair loss of any sort…I am only 22 but have experienced a little hairloss…nothing significant, but enough for me to be careful with androgens…The mag10 colums state “No Hairloss”, but can you rate possible hairloss on a scale of 1 to 10(10 being the worst)…My fear of hairloss is another reason I want to avoid long cycler. Also, should I continue to use propecia during the cycles?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your plan whatsoever. You’ll still enjoy a lot of advantage from MAG-10, and will also very definitely be having your yearly results very dependent on the quality and consistency of your non-androgen-supplemented off-time training and nutrition as well, which is a good thing.

Thanks for the response Bill…

You didn’t mention anything about my hairloss concerns and my question about continuing use of propecia during cycles…please provide input on this…

And just to reiterate-- I could recover without any additional supplementation if I plan to have 5/6 months gap between cycles, Right?

Propecia (finasteride) would be pointless
during a MAG-10 cycle, since testosterone
levels aren’t being increased. And finasteride
works by blocking conversion of testosterone
to DHT, a process which isn’t an issue
in a MAG-10 cycle.

That’s not to say that MAG-10 is guaranteed
to have no adverse effect on your hair
when you have the genetics to lose
your hair. The 4-AD component has proven
unexpectedly mild – so much so that the
best we can tell, it actually has no effect
on the hair – but the A1-E component
should be assumed to be comparable to
other androgens of similar properties,
e.g. Primo. In other words, mild, but
not zero effect (though there is no
DHT effect.)