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More Mag-10 Results

I am on a 4 week Mag-10 cycle. It’s been 2.5 weeks since I started (two dosages a day) and here are my results so far:

Started out at 218 lbs, 15% bf
Now I am at 233 lbs, 14% bf

My strength is significantly up on all lifts.

My training style is 2 or 3 on and one off where I get about 5 workouts a week. I am not following the recommended “growth surge” or whatever protocol. I simply lift very heavy with supersets and partials being a big part of my workouts.

What’s more interesting about my results is how I feel while “on”. I’ve done the real stuff before (mostly sustanon and d-bol stacks) and comparably the first two weeks felt like I was on d-bol - I had the water retention and much more energy/sustain. Initial strength increases came very fast followed by weight gain. One cool thing I remember while using the real stuff was how my right arm would get pumped while I was brushing my teeth. Well, after about we week on Mag-10 it became very similar. Overall I would say that Mag-10 feels like a moderate steroid stack - with markedly less pronounced phsychological effects. What I mean is that Mag-10 does not make me more agressive than normal and I don’t have the elated feeling I get while on d-bol. Frankly, Mag-10 makes you feel like nothing is really going on except that you eventually notice the changes while you’re at the gym or looking in the mirror.
As far as side effects are concerned - all I got so far is water retention (my wrists are thicker) and a couple of zits on my shoulders. Nothing, compared to d-bol or sust.

I expect my gains to slow down going forward and I'll be lucky to end up at 240 lbs. Since I am doing a 4 week and not a 2 week cycle I am curious how much I'll be able to retain. I'll start clomid a week before ending mag-10 and will follow up with Tribex for another few weeks after that. I'll post the "retention" results when I get to that point.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the product. No, scratch that - I am elated. At this point I don’t see a point in ever using the “real” stuff as the results offered by mag-10 can be comparable - at least on non-competitive level.


Hey, TinyWulf. A sincere “thank you” for the thorough post.

If you don’t mind, throw in some diet changes, if any, that you have done.

Regarding diet changes - up until I started Mag-10 I was on a “massive eating” type of diet where I’d eat p+f and p+c meals with carbs being in the form of vegetables and some fruits. No junk food or any simple sugards. When I started the Mag-10 cycle I upped the calories and started adding more simple carbs during the day and after the workout. Still kept the protein and fat intake at pre-cycle levels (which were already high). So in retrospect it seems that I intentionally added more calories via primarily sugary type of foods (bread, bagles, jams, etc).

Once the cycle ends the extra calories will be cut and I will go back to the original diet (which, by the way, made me feel healthier than now - no bloated feeling, etc). Mag-10 seems to curb fat gains so the extra sugar does not bother me - in fact I am pretty confident that it helped instead. This is just another point in favor of Mag-10 acting as any other androgen.


In addition to the diet info I was curious to how and what time of day you took Mag-10. What I mean was did you mix it with a shake, take it straight, etc… Also it says to take it on an empty stomach. I’ll be honest with the timing of my meals it is hard to find a time when my stomach is empty especially on the Surge Project.

MAG-10 causes very little water gain, so maybe your “bloat” is coming from all the extra carbs. Good job though! Keep us updated!

I took one capfull of mag-10 three times a day
(which makes that a double dose per day) before or after meals. Didn’t care whether I had food in my stomach or not. Also, did not hold it under the tongue. I highly doubt any of this makes a difference - as long as you got it in it should get absorbed.


TW - I was just wondering if you could help me out with a logistical issue. For your 4 week cycle, exactly how many bottles of Mag-10 did you need at 2 doses per day? Also, you are talking about 4 weeks straight, right? Thanks mate!..

I experienced similar gains using Mag-10, going from 228 to 240 with no increase in bodyfat %(i have a measuring device). 1 bottle will last 1 week if you take 2 full serving a day, or 2 weeks if you use the bottles recommendations of 1 serving(1 and 1/2 capfuls) per day. I lost very little of what i had gained when I came off the cycle,(only a little over a pound) but I did notice that if I kept eating the way I had been I gained bodyfat because my body was not using the calories as productively.

Well, I am still on the process of the cycle (it’s been 3 weeks now) and I used up 3 bottles. So yeah, a bottle a week with two doses per day.