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More Mag-10 questions

I’m almost through my second bottle of Mag-10 and will be buying more soon. When will a new, tasty formula be available? The current taste isn’t bad, but I could do without the spicy after taste.
Based on my own results and those that I’ve seen on the forum, Mag-10 has shown itself to be a very effective supplement. Is Mag-10 still on stable legal ground? I fear that the FDA will pay attention to this product because it actually works.

The FDA doesn’t operate on the principle
that if a supplement does what it claims
to do (of ocurse, it must not claim to
cure disease or any such thing) that then
they ought to ban it. That’s a myth.

If it were true, Androsol would have banned
long ago. It also works (as do all Biotest products for that matter.)

MAG-10 is every bit as legal as, say, 4-AD
capsules. In other words, it’s completely legal.

PS: I didn’t mean to ignore your question on taste. I simply don’t have the answer to it.

I think that KirkDig’s and my concern is that prohormones such as Mag-10 are becoming as potent as illicit anabolic steriods. What is keeping the FDA from adding 4-AD and A1-E to the list of illicit steroids thing? I know they don’t have the same side effects as AS, but that’s splitting hairs because the media will only think “they work like AS, so they are bad, because AS are bad.”

Bump for Bill on Skizoc post - whats the story on fda adding prohormones to banned list?

Sorry guys, but Bill tends not to answer questions he’s answer 2-3 times before. Do a search. He’s explained why he’s not worried about a ban.

I ACTUALLY think mag-10 tastes good !!.. shit, you just shoot it and swallow… now i believe protein powders ought to taste good. you got to drink that all damn day long… if you really want to know how good mag-10 tastes, drink flax seed oil first !!