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More Lower Back Rounding at 300 vs 290?

Hello. Please find below two videos. The first one (black shirt) is from last week at 290 lbs, and second one (red shirt) is from today at 300 lbs. To me it appears that my lower back is rounding more at 300 vs the 290. I doubt 10 lbs makes that much of a difference in my form, but to me it looks obvious. I wonder if there is something else going on or what. I know my hips have been bothering me lately, as well as my left calf. Any thoughts would be appreciated (even if you just comment that 300 looks more rounded than the 290. Thanks.

Just looks like setup technique issues from here.

Try to get your shoulders over the bar a bit more and make sure you’re opening up your hips by twisting out from the glute down to the foot.

I’d honestly probably say try pulling off of a low block/mats starting at 2 inches and work your way down while focusing on technique to really get your starting position squared away.

Where do you live? Can you reach out to any local trainers and get a few sessions in?

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On the 300, you started more rounded, and you were looking down more than with the 290.

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One more comment is that pulls like this should be a rare occurrence. They both looked pretty heavy. Especially with deadlifts people like to pull to heavy to often.

My deadlift training is usually between 150 to 75 lbs lighter than my max. 40-50 lbs under my max is a heavy training pull, and might be my heaviest pull before a competition.

The 290 one already looks way too rounded in my opinion! Take it easy and work on your form before attempting to lift these weights again (I assume these weren’t maxes?)

This looks like a bracing problem.

All good input from everywhere, so I dont have much to add other than:

  • Didnt see the lats/shoulders depressed very much
  • Soft lockout at the knees (could be footwear - I seen this happen to alot of guys at meets who lifted in heeled shoes)
  • Of course the bracing - Duffin has a good “expand the obliques” cue that he used in a squat video that really helped me overall

Get those hips loosened up!

If they are stiff and not working properly your back will round or flex to make up the difference, so you can get down to the bar. Tight calf shows that your knee is wonky too. Wasn’t it caving in last week? It will be hard to brace properly if you’re unconsciously favoring one side.

If this week was worse than last week, next week could be worse still.

Fixing it may be as simple as loosening up your glute medius or tfl.


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Your setup and bracing are the issues. In the first video you set up with a neutral spine but it rounds slightly once you start pulling, which indicates that you aren’t bracing properly. The solution is to consistently set up with a neutral spine, and then maintain that position throughout the lift.

If muscles are stiff or tight then stretch and do myofascial release work, a lacrosse ball can fix most things.

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Thanks for all of the comments. I will work on the bracing and I agree my hips may be the issue because they are so tight.

I live in CT (someone asked). Thanks!

If you’re near new haven look up Ranfone Training Systems