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More is Not Necessarily Better

For my knowledge!
Imagine a guy
32 years old
5 feet 8 inches
98 kgs ( 20%bf or around)
15 yrs lifting experience
Last cycle 2012

Plan is a 9 week cycle,
Goal is to lose 10%bf and preserve all the muscle…

Week 1to 3 - sustanon 250 mg . 1 per week
Week 4 to 6 -sustanon 250 mg . 1 per week and anavar 50mg daily(problem of bacne with stana in the past!)
Week 7to 9- anavar 50 mg a day
Week 1and 2 clen(taper up to 100mcg,) week 5and 6 clen(same)

Week 1 to 9 nolva 20 mg Ed

Pct- week 10 to 12
Clomid 200mg on day 1 and 50 mg day 2to 21
Plus nolva 20mg day 1 to 21

Diet… 2500-2800 cals, 225gms protein.

Hiit in the am, single body part split in the evening

Blood work to be done before and after the cycle?
Improvements/suggestions please!

More doesn’t usually equate to better, that is def true. Higher doses of AAS = more side effects (short + long term), some may not be able to tolerate higher doses. AR saturation theoretically does occur at SOME dose (however given lack of clinical data the dose in which AR saturation occurs is unknown, esp since AAS tends to create new AR in muscle tissue, thus the dose of saturation would have to be high enough to superceed the rate in which new AR could be synthesized.

However I will say this (250mg/wk + 50mg var/day equates to 600mg/wk), that’s not exactly a low dose to me (although many will say “well 600mg is on the low end of cycling”, well yea 600mg isn’t a gram or two however it isn’t “low” either. 250mg/wk +25mg/var/day I would consider low

What’s the use for clenbuterol (not a competitive bodybuilder or athlete trying to make a weight cut), Clen + AAS equates to a higher liklihood of cardiac alterations occuring. 250mg/wk gave me bacne, TRT gives me bacne, some people are just sensitive to (some) androgenic side effects. Given my families genetic profile I’m not particularly likely to go bald, however I have a TON of body hair, always have and I’m prone to bacne. Anabolic steroids cause hypertrophy of the sebacious glands, causing an increase in the production of sebum. Increased sebum production = more acne, no way around that if you’re prone to acne other than accutane (not reccomended # joints # hepatotoxicity # triglycerides), or vigorous self hygiene protocals.

Clomid’s isomer, zuclomiphene is inherently estrogenic and antigonadotrophic, it is the isomer likely responsible for the nasty side effect profile of clomiphene, if you’ve used it and can handle it… great, otherwise don’t use clomid (just a suggestion).

Blood work?


Free + total T
Liver pannel
Renal panel
Cholesterol (HDL/LDL, if paranoid like me you can get HDL and LDL subtypes tested as well as VLDL)

Post cycle
Exactly the same

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Clomid’s isomer, zuclomiphene is inherently estrogenic and antigonadotrophic, it is the isomer likely responsible for the nasty side effect profile of clomiphene, if you’ve used it and can handle it… great, otherwise don’t use clomid (just a suggestion)

So only nolva during pct?

I mean… If I was specifically in you’re situation I’d only use nolva (also nolva is a pro-drug, it’s metabolites are the ones that have high binding affinity to the ER) Also to quote someone just highlight the portion of their post you want to quote and a button that says “quote” will come up, click that and you’ve quoted a portion of the users post, then if you want to mess around you can edit that quote and make it seem like said user has said something very strange like this

:+1: thank you

You will probably not shed half your bf in nine weeks. I mean yes, it is physically possible, but it’s wildly impractical. Unless your plan is to eat zero calories and just fire down DNP the whole time (don’t do that) I think your goal is not realistic. My math may be off but you’re talking about losing 21+ lbs of fat in nine weeks. Again, physically possible, but that’s a tough putt.

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Does the cycle look ok otherwise?
Drop the clen

No, it doesn’t look ok. It looks like it was thrown together by someone who hasn’t done their homework. There’s basically no individual part of it that makes sense. If it’s me I go back to the drawing board.

What would you have done?? If you don’t mind me picking your brain!

Further reiterating some issues. PCT starts after at LEAST 3 half lives have cleared the system. With sustanon that’d be 3-4 weeks post last injection (I’d go with 3). A 9 week cycle of test is a very strange number to go with. Clenbuterol… Why.

Last sustanon injection is in week 6, 3 weeks prior to conclusion of cycle!

6 weeks is too short for sustanon. Interval before PCT is alright. Got confused.

The truth is, he secretly is getting ready for a photo shoot! Which gives him 9 weeks
Also that is the reason to stop sustanon 3 weeks before the day

Why stop it before the day of the shoot? Do they drug test for photo shoots now?


No. But what about water retention

Just run prop for eight weeks. The anavar is great if it’s real. If it is then run it at 50 for weeks 2-8 (or 1-8 if you’re so inclined). But a short cycle like this is a tough needle to thread. Short cycles work, but usually they’re not meant to be used for complete transformations. That’s what tren is for.


You’re talking about small amounts of test. If you’re that concerned about water retention then add an AI for the last two weeks. But be prepared to potentially feel like shit. Dialing in AI is something that’s done over a longer time and takes some trial and error. In your case you’d be doing it sort of haphazardly and looking to just get every last drop of water out. Maybe look around at some competition BBers and see what their last week of contest prep looks like and see if anything useful is mentioned.

But none of this is strictly a good idea. I’m approaching this as if it’s a done deal and now it’s a matter of making it less terrible.

What kind of photo shoot? Is this a paycheck project or a vanity project? Not judging, just curious.