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More Info About CorOmega

I spoke with someone named Bill Roberts(not the same one) from the company that produces coromega. He contends that because of the way it’s processed you don’t need to take as much of this product as opposed to other brands due to superior absorption and utilization. I’m not sure about this but because I get the Tuna burps from caps no matter what I try, I asked my best friends father, who is a gastroenterologoist, about belching as an indicator of absorption. He said getting the burps might be a sighn of poor absorption by your G.I. tract. Anyway, I think this may be an interesting subject for T-mag to do either an interview or article on, since it could help a bunch of us from spending so much money on supplements our bodies are not processing anyway. Besides the fish burps are nasty, I don’t even think a six pack is worth it. Anyway thought some of you might like to hear this info, and no, I DO NOT WORK FOR COROMEGA.