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Hello all, I have a bit of a unique situation here. I'm on T cream from a compounding pharmacy. In order to get the thing refilled I have to go see the doctor. I don't have insurance anymore. So the visit would cost me $150.00 dollars plus a blood test at $240.00. Then I would have to buy the cream which is $65.00. I was able to get the doc to refill my script last month when I took an oral hormone test for $150.00 that I found online. He wasn't pleased with that, but he gave me the refill that time. That won't fly for this month.

I lost my job some time ago, and finances have been bad. I don't have the money to see the doc, and get the blood test in order to get a refill. If I don't have the cream every day I feel dead. I have no energy, no desire, no motivation to do a thing. I also start heavy breathing at the slightest physical exertion.

To get a job I need to feel normal. To feel normal I need a job. I'm stuck. Is there anything that you folks would suggest I take that may help me feel slightly normal until I can get money together for a refill? I did go to the nutrition store before I was on hormone replacement. The guy suggested chrysin and dhea. It helped me feel better, but that was back when my nuts were still making a little T. I don't think that's the case now since I've been on T cream for four months. Any ideas????


Read the protocol for injections sticky. Self injections are least cost.


Great post. I read it. Very helpful. But is there anything I can do right now? My T cream will be out in a few days. Once that happens I get even sicker feeling and more depressed than I usually am. I don't have enough money to pay the doc, the blood test, and the script. And even if I did I couldn't have all that done before my T cream runs out. Is there anything natural I could purchase that you all think would help until I can get the money together to go through the process?


Talk to the compounding pharmacy's pharmacist and explain you situation, needing to self inject and ask for a referral.


I'll do that. I'm also going to ask the doc if he can approve a refill of the cream for now without going through the financial hoops. I can afford $65, but not much else. I had to cut back on my cream today....half the application I'm used to, and already I felt fatigued and sick feeling. KSMan, do you know if there's anything out there natural that would help me through this time? Once I run out of my cream I'm going to feel immediately sick. I suffer from depression as it is, and without my cream the depression hits me harder. I've explained this to my doc and he doesn't think that not having the cream, or anything for that matter, would make me feel so darn bad so quickly. But it does. I can't help my biology! :frowning:


You can always just ask you doc to switch you to 100mg test cyp per week self injected. Explain the cost issues.

You can get 10ml 200mg/ml for around $100 at typical pharmacies and $42 at Sam's Club with a business membership. Some have reported good prices at Costco, with basic membership.