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More Grow! and Metabolic Drive


Anyone aware of when Vanilla and Chocolate flavors will be available again???


Not sure. I think they had a problem getting some raw materials on time to make the batch. I read that somewhere.


On 4/26 there was a post from the mods that said it would only be a week or so, but that was just a guesstimate. I would assume we're not too far off.

Should I throw out another plug for Banana or is it really a lost cause?


You can bite my banana!!!


I had two bottles of banana back-to-back because I was out of the other flavors. One banana shake a day for more than a month made me not want to smell or drink it again!

I can only tolerate the banana if I have other flavors to use as well. It's good. But too much of it too often makes me hate it.