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More Great Deals at T-Nation...

....And I missed them! Did you see that deal on the front page? Free shipping on orders $99 and over. Free box of Grow! bars with orders over $59!!

And I just bought a box :(((((((((((((((((( I could have had two! boxes.

My order was well over all of this and I just got my order 2 days ago.

I have to rant a little bit, I missed the deal.......


Booyah! I box of free PB Grow! bars coming right up. Thanks T-Nation.

Your loyal servant.



Thanks for mentioning the deal. I just saved $18 on shipping and $39 on a box of Grow! bars for a total of $57.


Be careful!!! This is like the free hit from the crack dealer...the Peanut Butter Grow! bars are no joke. You are gonna be hooked!

All kidding aside, this is a sweet offer, and it gave me an incentive to try some additional products from Biotest. Thanks!


Thanks! I did not see that but needed to order anyway....


Damn it, I just made a couple hundred dollar order last week!!!!!!


I didn't even see the special, I just went to place my order, and wham! free Grow bars! and free shipping!! I went ahead and ordered today. Didn't get the PB Grow! bars, got the chocko instead. LOVE the chocolate ones. NICE.


Oh snap.

I just got in Ian King's Get Buffed! and a Biotest T-Shirt. Got paid, ordered The Big Black Book and some Surge (I've only got 4 1/2 tubs left!), and BOOM! 36 PB Grow! Bars.

If I was wearing boxors right now, they would indeed be roxord.


I did not see it. But, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for posting this because now I have taken full advantage! :slight_smile:


More Great Deals at T-Nation...

... and I live in Austria. Damn.


I missed out by a day too!!

Oh well, I guess I'll need to order more stuff already...

Does anyone know how long the offer will last???


Ok, that is just EVIL. grumbles at spending over $200 again At least I get free Grow bars this time.

Heh. My roommate used to make fun of me for spending so much on protein powders. Now she has started stealing my tubs of Grow! and Surge, so I have to hide them.


Me too. :frowning:


That's just great, I made a $150 order just days prior to this deal. Figures...


Does anyone know if this free box of Grow! bars applies to Biotest's loyal and handsome Canadian customers as well?


I put in an order on Friday for $240, Shipping was free, was this part of this deal? Or is there free shipping always after a certain amount of money you spend? Also if this is part of the deal, are you notified in the email that you get free grow bars? Thanks


Ha... I just put in an order a few days ago and didnt get the free box!! I was hoping they slipped me the free bar I heard about..now its a whole box!! Damnit!! My address is stored in case you want to make it up to me



I know how ya feel, I put in an order on Wednesday for well over $300. :-\


Well, I placed an order on Friday and that's when the deal started, you did have to select either the chocolate or pb bars so you may have missed out on the bar deal.