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More Great Book Ideas?


I am just finishing CT's Black Book of training secrets. So far, I think its one of the best books I've bought all year. Its really good for me as I still classify myself as a beginner (of sorts). There's so much that I've learned from it.

Is there any books you would suggest as a follow up to this one? Perhaps something going in a similar direction or a must read?

I'm not real interested in psychology or art of "yin/yang" books. Just training gem books. Is there anything that, if you hadnt read, would have severely affected your training today? That's the kind of book I'm thinking....


beyond brawn is a cool book

arnolds bio "fantastic" has some cool training stories, but it isnt a how-to book and covers much more than just his bodybuilding


Speaking of Arnold, about a week ago I picked up my copy of Education of a Bodybuilder and looked over it again. The advice he gives in that book is more or less spot-on. Much better book than his encyclopedia, I think.


that is a cool book too

the encyclopedia is awesome

awesome photos, pretty good anatomy lesson

the workout programs are silly though


"From The Ground Up" by Dan John

"Science Of Martial Arts Training" by Charles Staley

"The Entire T-Nation Archives, '98-'05":
http://www.t-nation.com/newchives.jsp?y=2005 :slightly_smiling:


Thanks. And the archives...yeah I can bet. I've been reading for quite a while now. Perhaps close to two years. I think I'm just beginning to make sense for it all, and especially how it applies to me individually.

Heck I'm just happy to have been able to do 6 pullups this year. I never imagined I would have gotten to be able to do that. All thanks to T-Nation.