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More functional strength stuff


I just started my roofing job yesterday. The boss had me packing 120lb rolls of flam, 150 of them (5 pallets worth) & it took me 5hrs. I carried them on my shoulders because that was easiest, so it killed my shoulders, traps & lower back. Today I was running a loaded wheelbarrow up & down a ramp, etc & packing concrete tiles. How would walking up hills affect a wheelbarrow/farmer's walk?


Has anyone tried any ladder training? Like carrying things up & down a ladder?


congrad's on great weighted gpp. Take a look at some of Louie Simmons/Dave Tates work in this area. They have written some tremendous articles dealing with weighted gpp. In faith, Coach Davies


Hey Natey, hate to rain on your parade, but have you ever seen an old roofer? Yeah some of them look old - but they might be 32! Sucking down tar fumes is worse than smoking - tar is a carcinogen! Try to find something a little healthier - you want to be one of those 60 year old guys built like a 25 year old, don't you. I'm not trying to be negative - just concerned for your health!


I'm only doing it for the next 6 weeks or so. Just until school starts again in sept.