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This is a quote from another gentleman with whom I correspond :

For the past two weeks, a major news story has concerned news stories written by Jayson Blair and published in The New York Times. Blair’s behavior was a major breach of basic journalistic ethics and a huge embarassment for the Times’ management at the editorial level. Blair plagiarized stories from other newspapers, made up things that didn’t take place, and pretended to be in lots of other places when he was really holed up in Brooklyn. There’s a rumor that he now has a lucrative book contract and will benefit from his misdeeds, despite his deserved pariah status.
There’s another story that hasn’t gotten quite the same attention. It broke last week (I think that’s when) on BBC, and shortly afterwards I heard it on NPR. Today (May 23) a story by Robert Scheer of the LA Times was widely syndicated. It concerns the story put out last month by several national press services about the capture of Pfc. Jessica Lynch by Iraqi forces and her subsequent heroic rescue by American soldiers. According to this story, Lynch was involved in a gun battle with Iraqis in which she was wounded by bullets several times and also stabbed. Taken to an Iraqi hospital she and her injuries were completely ignored by doctors. A guard slapped her, this incident was observed by an Iraqi lawyer, who then informed American authorities of her whereabouts, thus leading to her dramatic capture.
The problem with this story is that very little of it is true. Lynch was in an automobile accident. She was neither shot nor stabbed. Doctors in the Iraqi hospital treated her for broken bones and an ankle injury, then tried to turn her over to American forces, two days before the “capture.” As for that Iraqi lawyer, heis now in the US, under political asylum and unavailable for interviews, although HarperCollins, the publishing house owned by Rupert Murdoch (who also owns the Fox tv network that hawked the phony story about Lynch), has given him a half-million $ book contract.
What Blair did was inexcusable. But it also is echoed in the lies promulgated by elements of American officialdom and their supporters in the media business.
Note well. We got the truth from the BBC, which is an agency of the British government. We got lies from some of our officials and their cronies in some of our supposedly independent news organizations.
I seem to recall that there was once a European dictator who said people were so stupid that if you told them lies that were big enough and told them often enough, the lies would be much more effective than the truth.

Better take cover Roy because there will be incoming fire.

I found it funny that she doesn’t remember anything and is unavailable for interviews (you’d think the Gvmt would want her speaking to everyone in sight), yet the doctors who treated her seem to remember pretty clearly.

And for what reason would they have to lie about it now?

Would truly be sad if this event really is just some creative news management.

The Iraqis at the hospital supposedly tried to give her back… put her in an ambulance and drove towards the US checkpoints. The US soldiers supposedly opened fire on them, forcing them to retreat.

Well, now some US officials have given their side of the story, saying that the ambulance driver tried to offer the soldiers Pvt. Lynch back in exchange for a ransom. Umm, sorry but that sound like bullshit to me. If that actually happened the US soldiers would have detained the driver and forced him to talk. He would be in custody. He would have figured into the story already, not at the last second as part of a rebuttal. Where is the driver? Did US troops tell him “no deal” and then let him drive off? This sounds like BS.

There is already at least some bullshit in this story, as it was reported that Lynch was stabbed and shot, which is not true.

According to the Iraqi doctors, Lynch had her own nurse even though they were overrun with wounded Iraqis and were understaffed. Interesting that she can’t remember a thing about her time in the hospital.

And I suppose the soldiers with her that were killed by gunfire or were captured by Iraqi forces, one with a foot bullet wound, got these in the same automobile accident. Probably just another drunk driving incident by those miserable US soldiers. I would like to see some of you big internet naysayers go through what that young woman did and see how much you remember. And, by the way, Hitler did not kill any Jews. And the Japanese did not slaughter millions in Nanking. uh huh. The world is full of only good people unless you happen to believe in and actively support the ideals that George W. Bush does. Then you are evil.

 Roy, ONE fucking journalist plagiarized news articles and straighout lied to the american public.

 Tell me again how does that prove your case US OFFICERS have lied to the public?

 I missed it.

hehe it sounds like the American press likes to pee on your leg & tell you it’s raining.

Actually, I didn’t even imply that US soldiers lied. This piece was more of a rant on the news media.

I posted this on another thread about the very same subject:

[quote]there seems to be a trend these days away from objective journalism, so a lot of important things that happen get brushed under the rug because it would piss off the sponsors. A perfect example of this is the networks reporting the results of “reality shows” (a bit of an oxymoron I think) as if it is REAL news! I don’t give a flying FUCK whether or not some bachelor likes one pathetic husband hunter over another, and I resent that I am forced to keep up to date with it when I deliberately avoid the shows themselves. I don’t care if some fat-ass wins “American Idol”, and I don’t care who wins the million dollars in “Survivor.” It insults my intelligence to have some lame video game-like graphics to illustrate military maneuvers. Another more poignant case of flagrant disregard for journalistic ethics is the stories of Jessica Lynch and Jayson Blair.

The point to this quote is that journalistic intregrity has been comprimised. Many of you are saying “don’t believe everything you read.” I agree, and I would encourage you to take your own advice. [/quote]

We are so desperate for heroes in this TV-watching culture where we live vicariously through others’ actions, so if they don’t see it, they will just make shit up. I personally find it offensive.

This story did turn up - in all places - in the Dallas Morning news last week. I will try to find that issue on line and copy and paste it over here. Course, some of you may want to deny its existance since it challenges your world view. Sorry.

Roy, you make some good points concerning ethics & media control.
Here is an article dated April 16 from the Times UK (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,5944-648517,00.html) in which the reporter had interviewed the doctor who treated Jessica. The doctor doesn’t bash the US, but instead says he treated Lynch the best he could (and that she had a bullet wound) & protected her from Iraqi soldiers- then had staff beaten and shot at by Special Forces for their trouble.

Avoids Roids, once again you are missing the point of this thread.
Nobody has mentioned Bush, this is mainly about balanced representation in the media & fear affecting reporting and editing decisions.

Get off your “he who disagrees with GWB=enemy” schtick.
And me commit suicide? nah, I’ll stick around to be a thorn in your side old bird, maybe even break a wing (see I can spit macho redneck shit as well as you)