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We've gotta make it personal folks...because it is.



And America woke up.


Until the new season of Survivor starts up.


I don't even think survivor can calm this storm.


John, I feel so bad for you man. You actually think people have gotten it. I've been where you are and you've got a bad wake up yourself coming. I'll have some cold Sam Adams and a couple hundred rounds of .308 here at the Idaho compound when you need to drown your sorrows after this is all blown over.



If this does blow over I may just take you up on that offer.


I think America is getting this.


HCAN's (Healthcare for America Now), a pro-nationalized healthcare group, strategy to counter 'townhall meetings'.

As you'll notice, it does not involve debate with facts, numbers, or ideas:


Come on people, don't you know it's American Idol that is the equalizer.


Standard Operating Procedure. Why worry with facts.

Reminds me of the Tawana Brawley case in 1987. She disappeared for about four days, apparently visiting her boyfriend. When she came back, she claimed she had been abducted by four white men, one wearing a badge. The story gets pretty grotesque. Al Sharpton comes in, raises holly hell, stirring up a nation.
When it later becomes out that Twana made the whole story up, Sharpton is reported to have said, "It don't matter. We're building a movement."