More Frequent Workouts

Just curiuos how many of you work body parts 2x a week when juicing.  I'm on a 10 week cycle and if I worked every body part 2x a week that's double the workouts and I feel my body can probably handle it.  

Do most of you increase volume or do you just keep lifting the same?

I’m with you. Double the workouts could mean double the gains when you’re on a cycle. The S.A.I.D principal - specific adaptations to imposed demands. Unfortunately it could be double the potential for joint injury. So, training smart is key.

The reason we can’t workout as often when we’re not on something is because of delayed recovery, cortisol, fatigue and whatever else.

These are not of as much worry when you’re on a cycle. I say train as often as you feel you can.

Many people don’t realize how many times a week they’re indirectly training muscles like bis and tris each week anyway when they’re not on a cycle.

I roughly lift the same during a cycle. It’s too easy to ramp everything up when you’re on a cycle, but your really asking for trouble later on. I’m in this for the long haul, so I purposely temper my training when cycling. You may not get the full gains possible, but 10 years down the line you’re still going to have functional joints to train with.

I think I’ll up my volume slightly depending on how I’m feeling, but take your advice, no doubling my sessions.

I don’t really feel like starting another thread, so I’ll add it here:

This past Sunday was the mark of week 4 of my 500mg test enth cycle. Last Friday it kicked in, my leg day was explosive with a good 20lbs easily only squat. Monday I put 25lbs on my bench and was an animal. Today I did bi/tris and I didn’t really feel all that much stronger. My tris a little bit and my bis felt good first exercise, but I deff didn’t get the gains I saw on legs/chest…is this normal?