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More Free Time = More Training?

Hi Paul, I’m following your GMM program for about 5 weeks now. I’ve been lifting 3 days a week with a hectic work schedule and progressing. Adding weight or reps week to week. I’m about to be off completely for 2-3 weeks after working 80-90 hour weeks. Would you recommend bumping up my frequency or have any suggestions to capitalize on the extra recovery time I will have. Yes the 3 days a week is working so maybe just stay the course. Maybe it would be smart to just try 4 days with the same program? Or… do you have a 2-3 week blitz approach that would be fitting for my situation?

If something is working don’t change it. That’s one of the most common mistakes I see. One I even had to chide Wendler about.

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Figured you might say that. But thought I’d ask anyway. Sounds good, and yeah it’s definitely working.

I’ll add… extra hours sleep, long nap on the weekend etc

Travel/ take a holiday for at least one week -best thing long term health and tha gainz year on year

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Much appreciated input @RampantBadger I will add that when I’m working 85% of the year I’m on the road. So I tend not to travel much outside of my job. I played golf today, and have two rounds scheduled tomorrow to catch up with friends and my bro. Monday I’ll go out fishing with my Dad. After that I won’t set an alarm and will definitely have a lot of relaxing to do. I was thinking maybe I would up my frequency with my off time, but what I’m doing is working so I’ll heed Paul’s advice and just keep with what’s working. Def gonna get a massage and hit the chiro while I have the opportunity.

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If you’ve got more time off and lowered stress then of course you could tolerate more training. But my thing has always been that if I’m seeing gains via progressive overload I’m just not going to change anything to upset that stimulus to recovery balance.

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I was leaning towards doing more but i am progressing so why change what’s working. I am doing some conditioning as well that has been a little inconsistent so I’m gonna make sure I get that done as well and stick with the plan. Today is 36 holes of golf so I’m bumping up the calories lol!!