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More Food or RTD's?

So heres my dilema I Have 50 dollars extra two spend for two weeks.

I can either a) buy 50 dollars more food
b) By 50 dollars worth of musclie milk
(not in powdered form in a case of 12 (500 ml cans)

What should i spend the dough on?

Ps I alread take whey after workouts, muscle milk would be before bed

Buy food.

Deming’s Wild Alaskan Salmon: just under $2 a can and 84g of protein a can. Also natural source of Omega-3.

A jar of Natural Peanut Butter: about $3
A couple or three containers of cottage cheese
(eat these last two before bed instead of the muscle milk.

Use whatever is left om some steak and traet yourself.

I don’t think 12 cans of Muscle Milk will do you as much good as these items.