More finasol results

Here is what I’ve been using for the past week. I mixed 4g of TBA in one bottle of Nandrosol. I’ve been using 30 sprays twice daily. This is about 142mg of TBA and 430mg of 19-Nordiol daily. Now assuming a 50% absorption rate, this gives me around 71mg of TBA and 215mg of 19-Nordiol. I’ve also stacked this with 30 sprays of Androsol daily. Once again assuming the 50% rule, I’m getting about 107mg of Androstenediol daily. On a weekly basis, this gives me a total of about 500mg of TBA, 1500mg of Nordiol, and 750mg of Androstenediol. This gives me a grand total of 2.75grams of androgens weekly. Additionally, I’ve been following the old GVT routine and have been eating using the formulas posted by Natedogg from JB’s seminar. The net result? In one week, I’ve gone from 195lbs to 201lbs with no significant gain in bodyfat. I’m planning on doing this for three more weeks. I look forward to the continued gains.

Looks like some great results so far! Are you planning on Clomid post cycle? I am planning on doing a Finasol cycle too, but I am waiting on Brock’s article in the paper mag as well as the online article that is supposed to be coming soon!

Yeah, I’ve got clomid. I’m going to use it during and after the cycle. Probably starting the last week of the four week cycle and at least one week after.

Keep posting your methods and results, I want to make an informed decision on fina and construct a sound cycle!

Well I think it’s more like a 70% absorption rate. That would make out 99mg of TBA a day! That’s probably why you have gained 6lb in just one week. Well I did fina, 60mg daily with DMSO. Went up 8lb in two weeks and put on 18lb on the bench in two weeks. Next cycle I’ll try the finasol(isopropylalcohol with 4.3g of fina). One advice: Start the clomid in time! My nuts are like raisins and sexdrive is down.

I have been using finasol (2 cart. finaplix in l bottle androsol 2X35 sprays/day) for a week and have gained 6.5lbs (from 218.5 to 225). I have been using limping into november for my legs and Ian Kings chest and back for upper body. I was not going to use clomid before because others in this forum said it would not be needed, but after reading what MrFox said, I am deffinitly going to. How much clomid are you guys going to use at the end of the cycle? I am going to do it for two weeks, take two off, then right back on for two weeks.

I did 250mg day one(clomid) and then 50mg for two weeks(in week one now). If I had some tribulus terrasis, tribex, or whatever the name is on the thing, I would use that instead. Don’t like using clomid just for boosting up the testo. It gives me high bloodpresure and other nasty things. I believe you should be fine with just some tribex. But if U don’t have anything else than clomid, use it.

if you are sure that Tribex is good enough I will just use that, thanks for the help. I was planning on using it anyway post cycle.

We have exact measurements of blood testosterone and blood 4-AD levels from
Androsol use, but not for intramuscularly
injected 4-AD oil solution… therefore
we don’t have a figure for percent bioavailability.

There are very good arguments for why the
percent should be quite high – the best being,
the prohormone for the most part does not
come off the skin, and has nowhere to go
except into the body – but based on results
and my estimation (admittedly just an estimate)
of the potency of 4-AD, I estimate the absorption percentage as being at least 14%
(which compared to various pharmaceuticals
is actually very good) and no more than about
57%, with the most likely value being about
30%. The same would be true for nor-4-AD
and probably trenbolone acetate. So chances
are you are overestimating your use a little.
And the balance of the two steroids is not
optimal… you have a pretty good amount
of TA, though I recommend 200 mg per day,
but are compromising the amount of nor-4-AD
somewhat and would see some noticeable improvement by going to 70 sprays twice
per day.

Now, that would be from two separate bottles,
one of which would be the combined solution
and the other nor-4-AD only.

Your TA concentration is only 17 mg/mL. If
you are spraying so as to get a correct coat
of nor-4-AD, your TA coat is too thin and
could not be expected to last the 12 hours
until the next application. At 50 mg/mL
even then I am not sure the TA lasts 12 hours
but certainly it lasts longer than it would
at 17 mg/mL.

Bill, you mentioned that the 17mg/ml solution is too thin to last for the 12 hours. Since, I’ve already mixed it up and don’t have any more fina now, would you recommend spraying more than twice daily? I am currently using 30 sprays per day, twice daily. Would I be better off using 20 sprays, thrice daily or perhaps 15 sprays, q.i.d.? I’m getting pretty great results now, but if you think they could be better…

Spraying more than twice a day would be
a good solution given that you’ve already
prepared this mixture. To avoid excessive
buildup of the more-concentrated nor-4-AD,
don’t spray the same area more than once
every 12 or so hours with the stuff, but
alternate areas.

Bill mentioned only a 30% or so absorbtion rate from the isopropanol-based mixture. my question is how thin is DMSO, that is is it thin enough to pour/mix into the androsol or finasol or whatever we are using to gain absorbtion? or would this be too thick to spray? i recognize that the dilution of the mixture would go down, requiring more sprays to administer the desired dosage, but if this gets better gains from the mixture it might be worth considering (minus that whole garlic breath thing)…just a thought