More Fights From the Weekend

First fight

2nd fight - the snap sound at 56 seconds is his ankle breaking. Felt really sorry for the guy. I didn’t really torque it at all, just snapped as I was tightening the lock up. He was very cool about it. Hope he is back on the mats soon.

My gas tank totally ran out. My training has been eratic over the last couple of months due to work. I am frustrated because this is the second time I have lost to this guy and I really feel I should be able to beat him. All the more incentive to train harder for the next tournament!

Overall, bronze medal not bad considering the amount of training I have put in recently but not good enough for my experience level. Good day though and enjoyed refereeing.

Yeah, you were pretty tired in that video. He passed and got that second hook in way too easily.

One note on the turtle: when I get caught underneath with a seatbelt and a farside hook (similar to what he got on you), I like to roll on to the hook side, tuck my chin, and immediately bring my knee up and elbow down to defend the second hook.

You have a couple of options at that point wrt escapes:

-Hip rotate away from the second hook, up into the air. It helps tremendously if you grab his head with the arm on the “non-hook” side, to keep his head/spine on the mat and his hips from following yours.

-If the first hook is loose/shallow, untangle it and get to your knees. You’ll end up in side control or half-guard.

-If he gets the second hook, grab the overhook arm, get your head to the other side, and use it as a lever to turn into him. You’ll have to watch out for two things here, the armbar on the underhooked arm, and your opponent kicking out your legs and taking mount.

Anyway, nice guard Stuart, and a mean Achilles lock. I hate rolling against players like you, lol.

Rundmc. I really was being totally lazy just waiting to see what he did at the end when he didn’t do anything I rolled for a knee. At no point did I feel in danger but the tournament has 4 minute rounds which is good because it encourages action. It was the right result. I was being lazy and I deserved to lose.