More Fat In My Diet?

Hey guys. Got a quick question for some of you diet gurus. I am structuring my diet around CT’s recent Carb Cycling Codex article, and basing my meals off of JB’s stuff in his Precision Nutrition package. The problem is based on what I can easily make and carry (and also afford), I am coming up short in the Fats department.

So my question is what is an easy way to add 50-100g of fat to my meals (I eat around 6 or so a day). I am hoping to add 5-10g on my P+C meals and 20g on my P+F meals. I was thinking along the lines of Flax seeds/oil and fish oils, any other ideas?

-Cheese sticks (PRO + some fat)
-Pouring oil (olive, flax) on anything like meats or salads, or just straight-up shooting it.
-Mixed nuts
-Encapsulated fats
-Eat more red meat
-Natural peanut butter in shakes or just by itself
-Use whole fat dairy products
-Whipping cream

If you have JB’s package then I’m sure you know about proper ratios for fat. But just in case he recommends even amounts of the three types of fats (about 30% each). And, of course, keep the Omega-3’s and 6’s as evenly balaced as possible.

Hope that helps.