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More Epic Revenge


I don't remember seeing any threads on this when it happened, but it deserves one:


Bizarre. That is not "epic revenge" as far as I'm concerned. When the stepson goes to jail for his crime he will probably get raped anyway.


Holy Mary-lous' flipflaps Batman...that's seriously epic revenge.

Although, yea, the above is true as well.


While I don't agree with taking the law into your own hands, I can't blame the guy for doing this at all. If somebody did this to one of my daughters and I had the means dish out a similar punishment, I wouldn't think twice.


Yeah I have a 4 month old daughter. I don't know what I would do in that situation. I'd probably opt for castration and disfigurement over murder.


So he raped his stepson who was raping his daughter...wow just wow. The Walton's that family is not.


This is why I carry a telescoping police baton with me at all times. It's useful both for beating someone and sodomizing them.


Court adjourned.


No, he did not rape his step son. He sodomized him with a metal implement. There is a difference. Fucked up all around though. Mom has to deal with her son raping her daughter. Can't believe she actually bailed him out. Some women really cannot think straight when it comes to their sons. What was she thinking? So indeed, they are not the Waltons.


I don't think there are many parents that think rationally when it comes to their kids. Fucking someone in the ass with a tire iron and beating them with a bat is not a rational action either.


So if someone shoved a metal object up your ass you wouldn't say you were raped?


Sure he didn't sexually assault his own daughter too? I mean, he's already admitted to being capable of doing this to another person. Probably should look into that.

EDIT - I'm not actually suggesting he did both those things. In fact, no idea why I even posted. Either way, if someone did that to my 8 year old daughter, then I'd be very tempted to beat the utter shit out of them. Hopefully I wouldn't act on it, as that'd just land me in jail. But yea, the temptation.


The stepson should have been dead already.

I'm not even kidding... An 8 year old girl, his own stepsister for fuck's sake. Why would anyone cut this kid any slack?


So I'm going to assume they all live together. So, does that mean when the mom bailed him out, he was coming back to live in the house of the girl he just (allegedly) raped? How is that allowed?

Obviously if you're the father you'd have to do something in that situation. Although doing something that doesn't kill him, and probably ends up landing you in jail, is certainly not the way to do it, as then the step-son is just at home with your daughter without you there.


Wow, I didn't even consider that. That's pretty fucked up.


Ditto. That's a harsh realisation to come to if you were in that actual situation.