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More Effective Seated Row


Here is a little variation of the seated row I’ve been playing with. What I do is elevate the pulley higher than it would be on a normal seated row and you pull from high to low (pull to your navel). This makes it a much better lats exercise. Best done for higher reps with a good squeeze at the peak contraction.


I’ve been experimenting with a similar movement using the high end of a cable crossover station while standing. I’ve never really felt like regular seated cable rows did anything but the high pulley version is awesome.


Yeah that’s because you would have to lean forward and then back while pulling to get optimal lat recruitment. I hate what that does to my lower back. Thib’s variation is brilliant!


In al honesty I got my inspiration from Vince Gironda’s gym… he welded his own machines in the 50s and his seated row has a slightly higher pulley than normal, not as high as in my video but still higher than a normal seated row station.


What do you think of doing seated rows from an elevated seat? I’ve seen a lot of people favoring that variation instead of the regular seated row.


I did that yesterday with my friend. If you pull it to your abdomen and keep your shoulders down it is a very effective exercise


Tried this today, seems too easy to do the stack.


That;s why I prefer to use it at the end of the back session and use a slower tempo, higher reps and a squeeze at the top


I ve been doing this on smith machine when a cross between deadlift and row with bar hitting right above navel. I’ll try this out though , nothing says power like well developed posterior chain.