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More Dumb Cops vs. Dogs


Thes cops are like Laural and Hardy. They should be fired . I know they will not be


It is about 5;30


That is terrible. they should be more than fired, they should be in jail.


It wasn't even a clean kill. They shot it once, then let it lay there dying for a while.

The dog was never aggressive, it was scared and defensive.

It was a cruel execution of a loved one. Fuck those 2.


We agree


That's rare....


Jesus Christ, the thing was laying there wagging its tail after they shot it the first time and they were cleared of any wrongdoing then the OWNER WAS FINED AND CITED. WHAT THE FUCK.


That's ridiculously sad.

I've been running into more and more dumbass cops (I'm not getting arrested or getting pulled over but meeting them). I've always had respect for LEO's but I'm slowly and surely losing it.


choke a dog and it gets agitated. no shit. its no different than a human so acting like training is the issue is nonsense.

and shooting before taser wtf.

small town cops are just welfare recipients with guns.


I bet money I could have befreinded that dog . There was no overt aggression


Agreed. It seemed so calm...just standing/lying there.


I think hiring cops that are cowards is a huge problem


I definitely agree with you there. There are some cops who work out at my gym and for 95% of them, I'm shocked that someone thought it was a great idea to give them guns and "power". The other 5% are some of the most intelligent people I have ever met.


Those cops, if they did that to the farmers around these parts, would be put in the hill. Killing someone's dog is just one thing under killing someone's family members.


From my training I certainly understand cops being afraid of dogs. They are trained to think that all dogs met during a home entry are trained attack dogs, put there to defend something. That was fine when the only reason for a cop to enter someone's home was to go after a known violent felon when they knew he was at home. Now the cops are using no-knock raids to bring in non-violent offenders, often getting the wrong house. In these situations, there is a much greater chance of shooting an innocent family pet, an animal which has just been startled by screaming masked men breaking down the door. And I'm with Brother Chris, if you shoot my dog you're getting a full mag of FN 5.7 in return.


Hiring cops that are accountable only to the "state" and not directly to the people they serve is the problem.


I totally agree


Pittbull: As someone who's spent more than a decade training German Shepherds on my spare time as well as volunteering for rescue dogs, do I want to click that link of yours?


That's an interesting statement. While I agree with the spirit of it, I'm not so sure it applies to this particular case.

Anyway, what would you propose to accomplish the goal of your post?


No probably not...