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More Dirty Tricks

You can add this to the list of dirty tricks:

So there’s this coffee bar downstairs in my building that offers protein shakes for $3.90 (not a bad price for lunch in new york city, trust me). I’ve been drinking them for about two weeks, and thought I’d hit the jackpot in terms of taste + nutrition. These things tasted incredible and the ingredients were listed as:

  1. Non fat yogurt
  2. fat-free milk
  3. chocolate
  4. peanut butter
  5. banana
  6. protein powder
    seems like a pretty solid combination for a high-protein shake right?
    So anyway, today I decided to actually watch the ingredients they put in the blender (thinking the taste was too good to be true).
    Well, it turns out that the “fat-free yogurt” is actually liquid vanilla-flavored frozen yogurt (the stuff they use to make frozen yogurt desserts), there was NO skim milk, and the kicker was this:
    the “protein powder” they used was some shit supplement called a “metabolic enhancer”. I asked to see the bottle, and to my horror this stuff contained 130 cals, and only 8 grams of protein!!!
    So bottom line: $3.90 for a drink with about 600 calories and 12 grams of protein.

I worked at a smoothie bar for about one week one summer, and all I can say after that experience is that I’ll never buy a smoothie again. The only way I’ll even step foot in a smoothie bar is if they keep packets of MRPs behind the counter and will mix one up for me with water and ice only while I watch.