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More Definition?


I've just reached my targeted weight and I'm pretty happy with the size of my arms and chest. However, I would like them to become more defined or cut:

1)Is it just a matter of dropping down to very low bodyfat percentages?

2) Are there any excercises that can help in this manner?


Yes, it's a matter of dropping body fat to increase definition. The problem is, as you do this, you will probably lose some of that size and strength you are enjoying. Without knowing more about your background, goals, stats, etc. I can suggest 2 things. One, do some research on diet and workouts and continue cutting until you look the way you want, or two, bulk up some more to put on more muscle and then try to cut down to the size you want.

Meltdown is a great cutting workout. I am planning on trying out CW's 10X3 for fatloss later this winter. Either way, good luck. If you give more specifics, maybe I can help you a little more.


Right now I'm about 5'6 and 152 lb. I know it doesn't sound like alot but I'm pretty happy with it. I'm not really looking to get huge, but to get more cut. I've attached a picture of around what aiming for in terms of definition, although I'm a little bigger than that in terms of muscle mass right now.


IMO, Eat big and get huge. Diet later



Low bodyfat= cut.

What was your program before? If it was a heavy lifting one to gain size, get one that will maintain muscle while you cut.


'Guys gone wild'


Apparently, that is the motivation in the weight room today. The thought of a bunch of guys running around slapping each other with whipped cream at the beach leaves me wondering what the fuck happened to masculinity. But hey, whatever inspires you.



Seriously... you couldn't find a better example than a picture that says "guys gone wild" on it?


The picture was just a google image I got to give an example of around what kind of definition I want. Everyone has different goals in the gym so I don't see why there is a need to bash other people's goals.


Calm down. It's okay. Whatever works for you. Nobody will judge you here... :wink:

On a serious note, yes, the main factor is diet. You may consider adding sprints, 400m sprints would suit the purpose very well. Check out "Running Man" by Christian Thibaudeau:



Who bashed your goals? I was laughing a the fact that your goal was a pic of a dude who looks like most basketball players I've seen (doesn't exactly take years to build up to that level if you are regularly active) with "GUYS GONE WILD" written on the bottom. This apparently didn't phase you at all as you chose this picture. Everyone understands that everyone has different goals.


If you're like that guy then you wont be able to get much more definition on your arms without adding some mass. His BF % is LOW probably about 7.5-8%


A few questions:

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You don't have to get a huge. But if you want your arms to look good, you should probably add some more muscle and then cut down after. It doesn't have to be some large amount if that's not what you want.




at around 150 lbs, i think you need to bulk up for a while, and watch your diet and you should be able to add mass, making it worthwhile to later cut.

I just think trying to "show more definition" will leave you looking manorexic. The guy in your picture is tiny (musclularity-wise).


Thank you for a informative response. My height is around 5'6-5'7. What would you consider a decent weight for this range?


For that height, 200lbs would be a good weight.


That's the weight I'm shooting for, and I'm 5'5". I'd like to be around 12%bf(ish) at 200lbs.


I would say, if you want the "ripped" looked, shoot for around the 170-180lb range. Its not impossible, and shouldn't take too long if you follow the Berardi dieting plan. If you are strict, you'll be able to add the mass and not look "flabby". From there, moreh heavy weights and calorie reduction should do wonders. Imagine how much you'd be able to eat if you had more muscles to feed. These are just my thoughts, I'd like to see some more guys hitting the two bills mark, but that may be unrealistic for you.