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more deadlift advice

Just started dealifts a lil’ while ago and i feel like im doing something wrong. Right now im doing CW’s abbh program and i started out by pulling 4 plates for 3 reps 10x. I’m doin’ sumo’s since i’m very tall. I stand about between the 2nd and 3rd ring from the center. Hands in the middle, back arched, knees bent. I am still unsure of the motion though. Could someone show me a video or give me exact steps of the pull. My motion is like doing a squat and a good moring at the same time. Am i wrong or right? thanks a bunch.

well i just replied but apparently ,y user name is fucking up again. The just of it was search on this site(using the search engine) for sume deadlift and articles with descriptions and pics wil come up.
:slight_smile: Groove

i have sumo videos.

bobo, I recommended you start doing deads 6 months ago. Did you just get my PM?

cgb. i was currenlty doing another program. sorry. The summer i injured myself and was unmotivated to start lifitng again but i’ve been backin the game for a few weeks now. I listen don’t worry! But thanks

I’m just busting your chops. I’m glad you’ve decided to try one of the better exercises out there.

Goldbergs vids are always educational and couple that with Dave Tate’s article on the top 10 deadlifting mistakes and you should be able to put it all together. Sumo is not a bad way to start learning, but I’d try conventional as well and try to get good at both.

How’s the diet coming along? I remember you were killing yourself with food a few months ago.

I’m doing pretty good. maintinece is 4000 for me so that’s what i eat. keeps me from not getting fat. so my diet is pretty good. somedays i dont eat both my fat meals though… i slack a little bit. Anyways, i’m my heaviest i have ever been 232 and the strongest too. i should be lifitng 50 lbs heavier in my bench, 100-150 in my squat and 100 in my deads… by the new year. I know these goals are high but i’m pretty sure ill hit them. Anways when i weigh 250 @10% ill post pics too. i’m looking pretty thick right now. Also i had never seen my back before and i used two mirrors to see it and all i can say is wow im very impressed with my back progress. take care cgb

Just started em at 405lbs?

Not bad at all man, heck Ive been doing them for 3 months and I cant do 405 for 10 sets of 3. Early sets maybe, but later sets would start to get ugly depending on what else I was supersetting in there…

Check out this web linke for pics and videos:


The biggest things to think about are keeping the chest up/back arched and driving the heels through the floor while simultaneously pulling back with the traps. This will keep the bar in tight and make the pull more efficient.

Hope this helps!

Stay strong

One more thing. How does the eccentric part of the lift go. Do i drop the weight? Do i place it down? And when doing reps do i pause in between? I remember one of dave tate’s articles said to take a second or two in between reps?

you guys are doing chads program with 400? WTF are you guys pulling for a max single? i just pulled 250kgx1 235kgx3 last week , and chads 10x3 bout kicked my ass yesterday using 355(lbs)! i am already having bad dreams about week 2 and 3 going up to 4 and 5 reps! either you guys are stronger than you think, or i may be good for a big one time pull but SEVERELY out of shape! what gives?
perplexed heavy

Well I suppose that would depend a little on your goals. Generally a controlled eccentric is considered a good thing so I would try and reverse the lift.

As to the pause: if you pause for a few seconds you’ll break the eccentric concentric chain (same as with box squats) which will make the lift more difficult. Since you don’t get the option of starting your deadlift at the top in a competition this is a good thing to do. If however you were looking strictly for aesthetics I don’t think it’d matter much.


That’s a great site, Mike, and I recommend others take a look at it.

Photos and videos of lots of different exercises.

bobo, I put the weight down with care taken to preserve the integrity of my back and the rest of my body. Don’t overthink it as there is no true eccentric portion to the movement. Just reverse the motion as best you can while keeping the arch in your back and maintain control of the weight- don’t drop it or let it get away from you on the way down. Pause if you want to, reset and pull again. The heavier you go, the more you’ll want to keep the pause to a minimum and take advatage of the stretch reflex on reps, at least I find this.

Mikerob022, thanks for that link. That is an awesome site.