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More Damn Joint Pains


Well now its elbows. Ive been on "rest" for 3 weeks or so but I am maintaining my supps, in that Im still taking between 9 and 12 grams of fish oil per day, but still the elbow pain.

It started in the right side on the top side of my elbow toward the outside. I got a cortisone injection and that helped. But now the pain is in both elbows in the bottom or underside of the joint.

I am doing "RICE" on both but cant seem to shake it off. I have been on nsaid(s) during the whole time and that helps some.

Kind of a funny thing, for about the last four months I have been waking up in the night with inflamation type pain on the top side - crease side- of both elbows.

Any ideas or suggestions out there?
I would really like to get back into lifting.


Try Active Release Techinques (ART), seeing a practioner in your area.

Will ART work immediately? No. But I had the similar type of aches and pains and ART works over a period of time. I'm very confident. However, keep using your fish oil and glucosamine.

I also would recommend stopping anything that aggravates it. If you keep aggravating it, the ART, supplements and everything else will be nullified. Hope this helps.


thanks for the suggestions, i agree with what you are saying, but the thing is i dont know what got it started. it just kind of happend one night. there i was sleeping and then this kind of burning sensation in my elbows wakes me up.

the only thing that im doing differently is at work i am rolling steel tables around. the tables have non stationary casters at all 4 corners. the tables weight somewhere between 50 and 70 lbs unloaded and 500 to 700lbs loaded, but we do move them in teams when loaded. last week i stopped doing that, one of the perks of being the boss....


Of course a solution requires a proper diagnosis. Without replacing empirical medical examination, your pain sounds similar to symptoms I experienced. The doctor called my elbow pain lateral epicondylitis, although he acknowledged it was not a precise diagnosis. I had a cortisone shot, which had only temporary palliative effects. In addition to rest, ice, tylenol, etc. I found that basic rehab worked wonders.

I followed the program outlined online at the Hughston Sports Medicine website. They list the "super 7" and these really helped me. It took months and months of doing them before I could resume normal activities, and longer before I could get back into strength training. I continue them now, just in case. Also, I find Flameout to be a big help. Hope you find your solution.


Don't you just hate getting older? All these aches and pains where there was none before! lol.

I totally feel your pain (no puns intended). Besides backing off on the heavy poundages more frequently and the intake of Flameout and glucosamine, I also add in the enzymic supplement Wobenzyme. For me, this seems to help quite a bit. I actually learned about his wonderful supplement on this very site several years ago!

There was also a very interesting training methodology proposed on these boards several years ago with respect to using slow negative only training for tendonitis. Of course the weights have to be very low in the beginning, but a gradual buildup of poundage for these negatives over time somehow eliminated alot of the pain. I myself have used this methodology to get over some elbow pain myself a couple years ago, and it did indeed work for me.


Negatives? Hmmm. I am fighting a daily battle with joint pain, which gets exacerbated as I am getting stronger and using heavier weights in OL. I too use the high dose fish oil, Glucosamine, MSM with emu oil (good stuff) and enzymes.

But lowering the weights was killing me, and as soon as I started just dropping the weights, my back and shoulders were grateful. I also learned not to lower on T-Nation!
But slow, light negatives with a single joint exercise is different, so, who knows? I did rehab two shouders, and just tons of rubber band work and flexibility exercises, plus electrical stimulation got me healed up.                                   Doc