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More Crossfit Hating


this video has been going around Facebook

apparently, that's a real lift, some type of strongman lift.

thoughts from the TN community?


White box of death...


Today's WOD: Repost video 1 rep for time.


A 1000 thrusters wearing a reversed dildo underpants in a snowstorm


Here's one

I heard Dr. Stuart McGills tashe fell off after watching this!


That was...something else.


Yep, its a lift!

Axle Clean & Press


Its all fun and games until somebody catches the Ghey!


The fuck is this bullshit???


They do compound lifts, cardio and workout most days of the week.

I'm sorry but no matter what you label it or how a program is structured, if they are deadlifting, snatching, push pressing or some weird combo, doing chin ups et cetera, they are a part of the "iron game" even if not competitive bodybuilders or powerlifters.


Looks like an accident waiting to happen for some of those folks. I think I almost pinched a nerve watching it.


Axle clean and press is a fun lift--what the Crossfit bunch was doing I have my reservations on.

Ummmm well atleast they are training ?


I'm no cross fit hater. I think the cross fit hating is a little overdone and played to be honest. However, they cannot be fucking serious with this bullshit. What value does this lift have to these women? Where is the risk/benefit analysis??


european clean, i wouldnt advise it unless trying to force a lift in a strongman competition, no other need to put the body under that kind of pressure


Randomly generated circuit training is part of the iron game, it's true.

To be honest if I did not lift, I would do crossfit. It just affects my recovery too much.


This particular lift, at a weight obviously too heavy, is absolutely not worth the risk. Strip a couple plates and knock some unconventional reps out though.

As a general aside, I'm not a cross fitter. These ladies, however, are picking weight up off the ground and pushing it over their heads. Can't hate.


Damn that looks painful.

My back tensed just watching that.


Can't hate but can point out when people do stupid shit, crossfitter or not.

The individuals responsible for overseeing risky shit like this, done with inexperienced trainees needs their balls or vagina severely toe bogged


I was just watching 2010 WSM the other day and they had this lift. I think they said the weight was 360lbs. Anyone have any idea how much weight those bumper plates are?


It's a continental clean. Which isn't pretty, even when done correctly. But they take it to a whole new level of ugly. I think I saw two good presses/push presses that whole video.

The chick in blue is going to have her knees explode one day, her knees are almost touching when she pulls/dips. And these people have no idea how to cue, she takes a step forward before as she dips for the jerk, and all they can think of to say is get lower...retarded