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More Creatine Stability

A question for the forum… I have noticed that some have recommended dissolving the creatine monohydrate in hot coffee or tea. I can see how this would aid in dissolution, but wonder if the heat of the liquid would greatly speed the creatine’s degradation to creatinine. Has anyone tried this method with good results? Has any testing been done? Just wondering if I should start adding a few scoops of creatine monohydrate in with the coffee grind each morning :slight_smile:

I found better results from creatine when I added it to fairly warm water,it dissolved completely and I gained 6lbs instead of the regular 4.

Tim, the original tests showing creatine’s effectiveness dissolved it in hot tea, so it has been proven to work. But in any case, the liquid carrier will quickly cool off/heat up to body temperature once you drink it, so I seriously doubt that an extra 60-120 seconds spent at a higher temperature will harm anything.

Interesting. I have been avoiding the regular creatine powder because of its laxative effect, but maybe I should re-think that. If I could get it to truly go into solution as you did, then possibly I could get better results using a cheaper (and more stable?) product than I have been using (the effervescent). Thanks very much for your input, Mike.

Hmmm… well, if the first studies were done in hot tea, I guess that answers my question. Thanks, Brian.

remember those creatine chews? youd have to heat it up to make those…i would also think they do something similar in making those creatine pwder mixes w/ the hi glycemic sugars …they dont seem to be just sugar and creatine tossed together…i used to make ,a gallon of ice tea each day…when i was boiling the water i would dissolve some scoops of creatine in it…the problem w/ it in coffee is that i could taste it too much

Emenef, looks like you put it to the test, scooping it into boiling water like that. Did you have good results? Besides the weight gain, I can always tell when the creatine is kicking in. My muscles feel full, like a permanent pump. In fact, (if I was taking a high enough dose) I would wake up in the morning and my biceps would be hurting like hell until I stretched them out a bit. Alpha Lipoic Acid intensifies this effect. If I haven’t taken it in a while, I gain 2 or 3 pounds in a couple of days by adding ALA, I’m assuming due to extra glycogen formation in the muscles. It makes me fat, though, if I stay on it too long.

I’ve added creatine to hot chocolate with pretty good results.

I could be wrong guys but I’m sure I read somewhere (I think it was the old MM2000 before it lost the plot) that caffeine inhibits creatine absorbtion to some degree, I’m pretty sure it was one of those reader mail or uncut Q and A or whatever it was called columns where the guy asked if he could take creatine with a Caffeine, Ephedrine and Asprin stack, the crux of it was dont take them together, wait an hour or so after the caffeine befoe you have your creatine. Come to think of it now I remember reading somewhere that is usually the inferior creatine products that recommend you take it with caffeine in the hope you will mistake the caffeine stimulation for the creatine. Then again this is all from memory guys, anyone else read anything like this???

I also remember reading in a couple of mags that caffeine interferes with the intake of creatine. I don’t believe temp. had anything to do with it.