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More Conditioning

I have been doing 531 for roughly 2 years, went from 1100 lbs total to 1550, so that’s good. But I did exactly what you said not to do and didn’t do shit for conditioning up until 4 months ago. I have been doing training on Sun, Tues, Fri and sat with doing conditioning on Mondays (bought a harness and do cars pulls for 200 ft 10-15 times), Wednesday (hill runs with a weighted vest 300 ft x 10 at Leather lips in Ohio, if you’re familiar with that area) and prowler sled on back and leg day. My question is do you think I should be doing more conditioning, as in more volume or should i opt for another conditioning day?

If you haven’t done much or any comditioning, YOU MUST DO AEROBIC WORK. At least for 1-2 cycles. 3-4 days of 30-45 minutes.

After that, 1-2 days of hard. 2-4 days of easy. Kinda depends on what you are doing in weight room but that is well beyond the scope of this forum.

Aerobic is the base of just about everything. Leave that out and short change yourself. That and basic fitness levels.

When I started BJJ last year the first thing I did was start investigating conditioning for BJJ on the net. Everything was high intensity intervals. I busted my ass doing burpees, hammer swings, BW circuits, and anything else I could find. It did not help my performance on the mat at all. I decided that I was going to do the total opposite and do long slow cardio. Within a very short time my wind and stamina on the mat totally changed. Old time roadwork/long slow cardio works the best. I’ll do some hillsprints or throw some sprints in occasionally but I get enough anaerobic work on the mats.

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