More competition

Have you guys herd the news now Charles Staley is moving to PHOENIX ARIZONA, that puts another big name S&C coach in my area. So far there?s Joe Kenn, Jay Schroeder, Charles Poliquin , Mark Verstegen, Michael Boyle, Me, and Thomas Incledon. Three of the above coaches work within 5 miles of my place, and Joe Kenn lives a block away from me. Wow this is definitely the place to coach especially with over 300 baseball players living here and countless other pros.

Hopefully you won’t find them recommending fasting for 3 days, taking 3x the recommended dosage of ECA, and working out for 8 hours in the blazing sun while minimizing water consumption.

That’s right -Charles will now work out of Phoenix as well as maintain his facility here in Las Vegas. For now the famous Boot Camps are still being held here in Vegas. If you are in the Phoenix area and require our services please feel free to email me at Yes, I am going to Phoenix also…Julianne