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Nate Dogg and others. I just finished the “Karl Gotch Bible” from Combat Conditioning and let me tell you, its rough! Trust me, its a lot harder than I thought it would be. For those of you not familiar with it, let me explain. You get a deck of cards with the jokers and shuffle it good. You draw a card and if its a red card do that many hindu squats, and if its a black card do that many hindu pushups. Face cards are worth 10-15 and jokers are worth 20. Continue flipping cards and doing exercises until you’ve finished the deck. This is 54 sets of anywhere from 1 to 20 reps. I figured it out to be 220 hindu squats and 220 hindu pushups total. This doesn’t sound like all that much, but with almost no rest between “sets” this is killer. Has anyone else given it a shot? Nate? Let me know what you think.

Warrior, I saw that workout in the back of the book. I decided that I better wait until my conditioning gets better before I try that little routine. Because I know it must be tough. And I don’t want to quit halfway through it. But I’m impressed! That’s quite a bit to do. And to anyone who thinks 220 squats and pushups is easy, go ahead and try it like this. I know you will be winded very quickly. Nice job warrior! As for me, I just got done doing stadium sprints, pushups and then a few other exercises when I got home. But I was feeling a little low on energy today, so I didn’t do as many exercises as usual. I’ll get it next time! :slight_smile:

Nate Dogg, I have yet to do the stadiums or hill sprints. Your posts have really motivated me to try though. I just hope my heel doesn’t get all messed up. I have bursitis in my left heel and whenever I do any running it gets all screwed up. Sometimes can’t walk without pain for days. Damn I’m feeling old and I’m only 25!

That workout must be in the newer editions of “Combat Conditioning” as my copy that I purchased over a year ago does not have it. Sounds like a great workout and great job “Warrior Spirit” on completing it. AS I conveyed to Nate in an earlier posts, I ordered some resistance bands from Matt Furey for Pushups(Power Pushup 2) and Squats(Portable Power Jumper). Both are outstanding products that I recommend highly to anyone who wants to take their Combat conditioning to the next level. I can tell you from personal experience that these bodyweight exercises will get easier and you will eventually be able to do insane number of Pushups and squats. I got up to 500 Hindu Puhups straight and 1000 hindu squats last year. Doing that everyday or even a few times a week is way too much and it gets boring real fast. With the Portable Power Jumper, 100 hindu squats is a real test! I am huffing and puffing for a while after doing that. Last night when I got undressed in front of my girlfriend and freaked out stating “You are blowing up” 'Your Legs and arms are getting huge!" The pump that you get from the resistance bands for the pushups is amazing and 100 squats on the power jumper reall blows your legs up. The bands make it more difficult to keep your balance which really rocks your stabilizer muscles. The Power wheel is also a great exercise for abs and my midsection is becoming solid as a rock from doing various exercises with it. Also, work on doing handstand pushups and some of the other pushups in “Combat conditioing” such as one arm pushups and reverse pushups. Reverse Pushups really help with bridging and are a great move for wrestlers and grapplers to help with reversals!

Mike, thanks for the input/feedback. I plan on getting the resistance bands when I get a bit more dough. Seriously, a good portion of my income goes towards supplements, training books, gym membership, etc, etc. If I spend any more cash on fitness equipment in the near future, I’ll probably have to buy my wife something too so she doesn’t feel left out. Geesh. Okay just kidding, but I am gonna hold off for now. I do plan on using them in the future. I also plan on starting the handstand pushups soon. I want to build a good foundation first though. From your posts, I can tell you’ve had tremendous success with the program. Keep us updated on your progress.

Mike, reverse pushups are one of my favorites! That exercise is cool. I’m only doing 10 reps right now, but I’ll work up to more. I also enjoy doing the handstand pushups. That exercise is important to me as I have weak/injured shoulders. So I’m hoping it will do me up right. I’ve only managed three sets of five reps so far. But I’ll get up there. Wall walking is pretty cool too. Very tough exercise and works the abs and back very well. Eventually, I’ll get the power bands. But I need to work up to more reps first.

Warrior Spirit (James), don’t be afraid of the stadiums. They are so much fun! It’s a great way to get some fresh air and get a great workout. Since you have foot problems, you may want to try just walking the stadium bench seats first. If that is okay, then you might want to try running the steps. You can always run on your tip-toes, rather than a flat foot. You will get a tremendous calf workout that way. :wink:

Flame me if ya need to dudes, but can someone please tell me what the hell hindu squats and pushups are?

My buddies and I used to do the “deck of cards” for every calisthenic exercise known to man when we were in boot camp in preparation for BUD/s (That is SEAL school/training for you civilians). Takes a strong will to stick with it, but if muscular endurance is what you are after than a good ole deck is hard to beat!

Tinman, the stuff we are talking about can be found on matt furey’s site You can also search the forum for “combat conditioning” to see all our previous posts. Some of the posts describe the exercises. Matt’s site will actually have some photos to see. Also, you can download a free fitness tips newsletter that shows the three basic exercises (hindu squat, hindu pushups, back bridge). Check it out!

You should also check out a book by Stew Smith called the “12 Weeks to BUD/s; The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL fitness”. It has some of the best calisthenic programs around in it.