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More Coach Davies Renegades

Just starting a new thread since the old one is getting a little long. Please post all your Coach Davies workouts, questions etc here. I’ll leave the old thread intact so you can search it, but you may want to print it out for safe keeping.

Fridays’s workout: Sprints are performed @ 75% output and are
divided into 5 sets with 30 seconds rest between each set. Within
each set you will perform 3 sprints, which are separated by 25 yard
walks. A 110x2 means you run 110 yards back and forth. SET 1:
110,110,110 SET 2 110, 110 X 2, 110 SET 3 110X2,110,110X2 SET 4
same as set 2 SET 5 same as set 1 // Kbell 2 hand swing x 25, Jerk x
5, 1 hand swing x 25, perform 5 sets with 45 second intervals// ROPE
WORK: 5, 3 minute rounds all with 60 pushups / GPP jumping jacks,
cross-over pushups, chinees – 30 seconds each x 8 sets //Weight
room: Keg (or Dumbell) floor press 5 x 3 (fill keg with enough water that
it is VERY heavy), Int/Ext rotation 3 x 15, Plate raise 3 x 15, Tricep ext
4 x 5-7, Dips 3 sets x 5 (heavy weighted)//Sled or truck push 10
minutes of constant pushing with arms extended, rest 5 minutes and
repeat//For those needed extra distance work, 15 minutes run at
modest pace, stretch 5 minutes and repeat// In faith, Coach Davies

Coach or anyone what is a croosover pushup, Thanks

John set a 35 lb plate on the floor and get in pushup position with your hands on the plate. Cross your right hand over your leftand set it down then your left under your right and set it down then your left over your right, right under left etc…make sense?? you just cross over the plate back and forth for 30 seconds…works the heck out of the stabilizers

I did glute ham raises for the first time today … couldn’t do them without assistance from my arms … but man, do they work the hamstings!! I got a couple strange looks too, especially from the head trainer at the Bally’s I go to. I feel like an athlete again!

Thanks for giving them a try - must have been great at a Bally’s. Sounds like you enjoyed getting that “athlete’s” edge again - If you have any specific needs regarding training, please make them aware and I will make sure they are addressed. As always it is an honor helping out. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, thanks for the feedback … I am very happy to have added GHR’s to my routine, and will keep doing them for life, as they truly work the hamstrings like no other exercise I’ve done. (Unfortutely, my gym doesn’t have a reverse hyper machine … I may have to find a sturdy table and work off that.) Anyway, if I did have a question, it would be, in your experience, how many people (both athletes and non-athletes) can properly perform GHR’s the first time, without the assistance of their arms. I mean, I’ve been doing dead lifts and good mornings for years, and couldn’t so much as keep my body balanced without quickly smashing my mouth the the floor! Don’t get me wrong … this doesn’t frustrate me … this is a most-welcomed challenge; something to strive for! I’m just curious as to others’ performances. Thanks!

Hey Coach Davies what all do you do for agility that is my biggest weakness.

what position do you play or is for any particular sport? In faith, Coach Davies

Hey coach I play football and I’m any o-lineman D-end some times inside linebacker


I’m going to get a keg to do some of the lifts and I have a couple of questions. One is that my friend (who uses kegs to make his own beer – not lift!) told me I would need a special device to fill the keg? Is this true? Is there any way around buying a special reverse tap to fill it? Thanks.

not sure what kind of kegs you have. The ones I use are pretty easy with a small hose. Looks like you have forced me to go look at the “newer models” and empty for “research purposes”. Good to hear you are on-board with the kegs. In faith, Coach Davies

When I filled my keg I had to force a metal tipped hose down over the little ball thingy (forgive all the technical jargon.) It didn’t fit, but I was able to get water in it. I bought the keg empty at a liquor store, BTW.

You can also check at Army Surplus stores. They have various sizes and shapes of plastic barrels that are cheap and easy to fill. I have a keg and two barrels. This morning, in fact, as a warm-up to my boxing session I carried the keg half a mile in varies positions (bear hug, both shoulders etc.)

Start the workout with KBell work in a circuit with 60 seconds between sets and in a circuit fashion, 2 hand kettle bell swings x 40, extended snatch x 3, one hand swing x 40 (perform 5 sets total)// Rope skip: 5 round rope skip, between rounds perform 10 burpees & 10 star jumps // After lets start with sprints of 40yards x 3, 15 yards x 3 and 25 yards x 3 (each performed at 100%, jog back DONT walk to start). // Hang Snatch to Full Overhead Squat 4 sets x 3 reps (perform @ 60% maximum output 60-75 seconds rest)-( perform the following in circuit fashion with 45 seconds rest x 8 sets) Commando Chins x 10, Glute Ham Raise x 10 //Wheelbarrow or Farmers walk - 15 minutes, rest 10 minutes and repeat // Have fun - In faith, Coach Davies

Chris - come on out here and train. You’ll love doing that work in the heat as well as sand. In faith, Coach Davies

Just to make sure I’ve got this right your programs the past few days have said at the end…“rest 10 minutes and repeat”…Does this mean repeat just the GPP portion wheelbarrow walk or does this mean to repeat the entire strength component of the workout?

No, just repeat the wheelbarrow work. In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks Coach Davies and Chris for the info on the keg filling. I am off to the liquor store as we speak!

let me know if you wish me to post Tuesday’s session. In faith, Coach Davies

So whats next coach…I really gotta say i’m lovin these workouts. Thanks for keeping them coming!