More CNS Stress: High Bar Squat or Front Squat?

I was just curious what causes more CNS stress, high bar back squat or front squat? More weight on back squat, but front squats seem very physically demanding. Thanks

It depends on your leverages. It’s a bit like when people say the deadlift is more demanding than a squat. If you are built to squat, sure, but if you are built to deadlift you will recover easier from deadlifts.

Similar case with the squat and front squat, whatever is easier and more natural to you will be less demanding on your CNS. For example, learning a new movement is always stressful on the nervous system, because you are still relatively inefficient in it. Same case. The one you need to focus on more to ensure you do it correctly, the one that feels less smooth and natural, is the one you are less efficient in, and therfore the one that causes more CNS stress.

That is the correct answer. The movements in which you have a mechanical advantage cause less CNS stress.