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More Chins Than Chinatown


Here’s a clip of today’s workout. 10 pullups (overhand grip)with a 45 pound weight strapped to me @ 165 pound bodyweight.


Nice shit man. I’m at the same bodyweight as you but you just totally kick my ass in terms of relative strength.

Great stuff and the same for your squat video too. I can hit 6 with the 45lb plate in neutral grip chins but soon I’ll work my way up to prone grip. Thanks for the inspiration!

Didn’t get chance to watch the video yet cause I’m on a slow connections but congrats.
Any advice for a fat boy trying to improve his chin/pull ups?

Hi Beef,

If you’re a powerlifter, does your wide grip chinups help you in the squat, deadlift, and bench? In your opinion, what other large muscle group besides the glutes, hams and quads increases your squat strength?

I searched through the articles and must have missed something. thanks for any input.

The chins help build lat strength which i believe helps stabilization during bench. It also adds mass for your triceps to rest against (if you hold the bar with a close grip) during squat.

Your adductors in your groin area also play a role during squatting. I don’t do much if any by way of isolating those muscle groups.



In order to chin, it is easier being leaner. I used to be overweight in the 8th grade. I started running and doing pushups, but didn’t have access to a chinning bar. When I was in 9th grade I was skinny. I did have access to a chinning bar across the street from school. Every morning I would go to the chinning bar and attempt a pullup. Then I would practice static hangs at the top. I would hang as long as possible for time, when I got tired I would let myself down with a negative. I would do this 5 days per week. Eventually I could do 1, then 2, and the rest was history.