More Charlie Francis!!!!

Hey guys, the interview with Charlie Francis was pretty good. But I would like to see a follow-up interview that covers Charlie’s training methods.

Or how about some articles by Charlie about training? I’ve heard his name mentioned a few times by Charles Poliquin, but I have yet to see or read about Charlie’s training methods.

I have recently ordered his book “Training for Speed” but it will be a few more weeks before I can get it from Amazon.

So how about it? Anyone else interested in some more stuff with Charlie Francis?

Yeah, some more Charlie francis would be fantastic! I noticed that Chris skipped the questions regarding Ben Johnson strength claims… I mean we’ve all heard them, but then again we’ve all heard about the 3RM squats before the big race technique that Ben supposedly used, and yet Charlie denied Ben ever doing it. I’ve also ordered the Charlie Francis book from Amazon, I hope it gets here soon!

I bought and read “Training for Speed” a while back and enjoyed it. It is well written.

I read Francis’s article a few days ago and I would’ve liked to hear a few things discussed. I would like to know his opinion on the speed limit of a clean athlete, and what that would be (male and female). The other thing would be his opinion on how many of the top ten athletes (while Ben competed) would’ve been using drugs.

Charlie and I had to cut the interview short. I had two more pages of questions to ask him when he had to go.

I believe he said that 80% of the Olympic level sprinters in Ben’s day were known to use performance enhancing drugs. I’ll wager that the other 20 percent made up last and second to last place.

So Chris, does your reply mean that there won’t be any more info from Charlie coming later? A follow-up with the other two pages of questions? That would be a shame.

Yes, I definitely want to hear more from Charlie Francis. I would like Chris to get back on the phone with Charlie and ask him the last two pages of questions that he had for him. I trust some of those were questions regarding Charlie’s training methods!

Keep in mind that Charlie is reluctant to give “recipes” for training since he believes in customized programs that cater to the individual. I also think much of what he prescribes is instinctive. His ability to judge what an athlete needs to do is almost eerie.

All that said, he obviously has a lot so say about training, as well as drugs, diet, and supplementation. Will you hear more from him? I can’t say anything right now, but let’s just say that you could be hearing A LOT more from Charlie Francis at Testosterone!

Mike, does “Training for Speed” give some good tips on how to design training programs for sprinters? And does it give information on how to incorporate weight training with sprinting?

I’ve heard that Charlie has some good recommendations on recovery (massage, hot/cold packs, chiropractic care, etc.). I’m sure that will come in handy.

So Chris…we may be hearing A LOT from Charlie soon? Well, hot damn! I’m all for it. Maybe you can poke and prod him a few times to get him to give up some of those training and nutrition tips! I am very interested in hearing his thoughts!

Yes! more info from Mr Francis or on sprinting in general.I for one would like to increase my aerobic capacity without losing muscle and just jogging along bores the hell out of me.Like T.C. I have an abhorrence of gluteal folds and want to keep my butt from smiling.