More Challenges

Hey here you go. I just did this by way of Jamie Lewis. It’s 30 minutes instead of 15, but makes for a solid press day workout.

I managed 152 reps, starting each set from the floor with an axle. I imagine it was originally performed out of the rack…but that is less awesome.


:frowning: that’s evil.

I’m doing it. Please note that I will be doing most of these very shortly. Im just out of the house for work 15h a day right now.

I also remember a farmers walk body weight (or 1/2 BW each hand) for max distance.
Thinking about a similar one for yoke.

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This one is sneaky! While doing it, all I really noted was that I was sweating a LOT when it was done. But then, this morning, I went to do a burpee chin and fell on my face because my triceps wouldn’t support me.

I did all push presses, which is SO alien to me.

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That’s very close to the “Litvinov” workout:


That’s what I was trying to remember! I’m positive that’s what we thought we were doing

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At first I read this as each rep from the floor, and my eyes nearly fell out of my head. Although even doing this every set with an axle is pretty terrible.

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As an alternative to the beer mile, you can do the pizza 5k. The goal is to complete both a 5k and eat an entire large cheese pizza, for time. Strategy is wide open, I think I’d just walk with the box and chow down.


Surely run then smash the pizza at the end?

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I am going to do this tomorrow with a 65kg (145lb) log.

I managed 40 reps of a 50kg (110lb) log in about 6mins. So with pacing and an extra 24mins I’m hoping for triple figures. If I get to 120 I’ll be happy. If I get to 150 I’ll be over the moon. That’s 5 every minute. Or one every 12 seconds.
You know what - writing it like that really drives home how stupid that goal is. I’m gonna be no where near. But I’m gonna try.


So after not doing the log press (work life balance not there right now) I’m now on holiday and I have my 60kg (135lb) mirafit sand bag. So I did this:

It’s a touch lighter but the same thing.

Firstly never I felt like I was unable to do this physically but yeah the mental side kicked in after 100m. My hands hurt trying to keep the thing on my shoulders. My upper back was cramping as I hunched over stopping the bag from falling off. It’s also the odd things that make this hard like stopping to cross a road. I’m massively too heavy so I almost fell over two or three times. And to make it worse my hotel is on a hill. The first 500m were all down hill. So the last 500m were all up hill.

Over all - I did this in just under 20mins with 0 put downs. So a fair pace and fair achievement.

Thanks for the idea - I will pull this one out every now and again.


Damn. Props for doing this with no drops.

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I just thought that’s the deal lol. Man I’m glad I thought no put downs was part of it. The only reason I kept it on my back was A, I didn’t want to fail. B, I was worried about how I’d clean it again.

FYI I did this with a mirafit bag. It’s got handles and stuff. And is fairly well suited for being shouldered.

Yeah. The catch with drops is that having to pick it back up is more total work.

10 mins into the 30 min press challenge.
I’m taking a slightly lower % and doing it EMOM style.
70kg log - about 60% body weight. Clean each set. Each set is 4 reps. Aim is for 120+

EDIT - so I did 125 reps. From set 14 to set 19 I did 5 reps. But I started to loose balance so I dropped it back down. Brutal. Very good. I doubt I will be doing any pressing tomorrow.

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A classic: 100 alternating db snatches for time
5min time cap

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A couple of the guys in the burpee community have been doing a 5 min squat challenge. 60kg max reps in 5 mins. The highest is 91 by a guy who weight 67kg.


No weight in this on. I think I can do this with 20kg. It sounds light but 100 reps each hand (unless it’s 50 per hand) in 5 mins is a lot.

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I can beat that. I can do 70 with press ups every 10 reps.

20kg is really good!

I barely managed to do it with 27.5lbs (~13kg)

It would take me ~20 min to do 100 w/ 20kg LOL

With 90% of your bodyweight ? :rofl: