More Challenges

After the very successful 20 squat 20 deadlift challenge brought to you by @T3hPwnisher - I thought I’d start a similar thread. Where people can post anything in the same vein.

To make the criteria the challenge must be:
Scalable - ie “how many times can you squat 700lb in 90 seconds” is no good. What was good about the 20-20 challenge was any one could do it. You could do it with an empty bar so long as it was hard work.

Hard BUT achievable in say 15 minutes(ish) max. @ChongLordUno did 2500 burpees in a day. Is it a challenge? Yes. But out of scope.

Test grit and determination as much as physical ability.

Be NON competitive. It might sound strange but there should be no winners or losers. The aim of the challenge is not to get a better score (more weight more reps) than others. But to work harder than others. Only you know how hard you work.

I’ll start:
Squat and press ups. Sets of 10 reps of each. How far can you get in 5 minutes.
As an idea for load go light. Think 50% of body weight.

My best 7 sets of each. Using 60kg.


Not within 15 min but 1 mile walking lunges (unloaded) is a great one

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I’ve done a 150 pound sand bag carry for a mile. I’ve also done light farmers and frame carries for a mile. All great mental strength building and incredibly stupid. Time really doesn’t matter. The slower you go, the longer you suffer, so finishing is the only goal.


Whilst these both take a bit more time than originally specified I love them. Both fit the rest of the parameters really well.
I have a 60kg sand bag. I could fireman’s carry that for a mile. Really silly idea. But exactly what I’m after.
This is planned for this weekend maybe.

@anna_5588 Im a big guy. 114kg/250lb. My walking lunges are like someone else’s weighted. A mile of them sounds like a great way to not walk for a week. It might be something I try soon.


Bergeron beep test is excellent

EMOM for as long as possible, bearing in mind 15 mins is very good.

7 thruster
7 burpee
7 chins

Rx weight is 75lb but scale as needed

Intermediate is
5 reps

3 reps and can sub chins for be rows


Gonna post this here. It’s my doing my squat and press up challenge.
I fear I might be flogging a dead horse. But I can’t believe there are only 3 other people that know decent challenge work outs….

Excuse the video just taken it and not check it.


I’ve done this one a couple times as an assistance or conditioning workout for legs, absolutely sucks.

Lunge/squat super sets, 1-10-1 reps, as fast as possible.

Scaleable, since you can do it with anything from bodyweight to however much you want on a bar. With a 60lb weight vest it was pretty miserable.

1 rep per leg lunges + 1 squat
2 reps per leg lunges + 2 squats
up to 10 and 10 then back down to 1 and 1


Yes - that sound fairly miserable. I will look at doing that soon.

It’s like when my kids ask me to tell them a joke: I know I know some, but I can’t think of any


I remembered one! I know this came from someone, but at the time I didn’t know it.

One base I was at had a weight room right next to the track. Like you could open the doors and be on the track. So we put whatever it was we could front squat on the bar that felt like death at the time (so probably 185) and did (I think) 20 reps, then you’d go outside and run a 400. You had to do 4 rounds of that.

There were 4 or 5 of us and one squat rack. So you were running hard to get back because if someone got in the rack in front of you, you fell further behind and you sucked if you were last. I don’t remember how we chose who went first. Probably best “your mom” joke or something.

So, anyway:
4 rounds:

  • 20 reps front squat
  • 400m
    Added challenge, do it in a team and try to win

I started with the half mile, if that helps

I’ve measured a 500ft track local to me. Once I’m not doing crazy hours I can start looking at this.
I think 1/2 mile or 5 round trips in 15 mins will be achievable. That’s a speed of 2mph.

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Fuck that

I can’t jog - back ankles and knees give me back pain. But I can sub in a 500m row.

I love it.

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only 400m running challenge I ever did was when I was a member of the running club. The challenge was, drink a stubby (bottle of beer 330ml) run 400m and then drink another. time limit is 2 mins.

I am not sure this is in the spirit of good health challenges though :wink:


Ah, reminds me of a beer mile we did in college. 400m track, have to shotgun a beer after every lap. Good times


This one’s really ridiculous and I am afraid to even share it in case some poor souls will attempt it. I couldn’t live with that on my conscience if they hurt themselves. But I trust you guys to know your own limits, so here goes:

One week, just ONE WEEK without cool whip at breakfast! :smirk:


That sounds like the start of a beer mile.

4 rounds for time of:
Drink 1 beer
Run 400m

By all accounts, this is a real sport with records and rules etc.

I just googled it and the world record is apparently 4 mins 28 secs. That’s a comfortably sub 5 minute mile, while drinking.


That’s hilarious. That time limit puts a real burden on getting the beers down too

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Go for it! I remember it being awful. We were more runners than lifters, and after the squats my legs really didn’t want to start up for the run. The competing part probably is why I was actually willing to do it.

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First one is easy to drink but not so easy to keep down when you run, second one is hard to drink because you are breathing so hard :joy:

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