More Cardio and Less Weights?

I have a naturally large build, I could stay muscular at about 230lbs and it would look normal on me and would fit my bone structure. I was wondering should I drop doing weights from 3x a week to 2x a week and start doing more cardio and possibly drop some muscle?

Do you compete in a combat sport?

I compete in boxing.

do you need more cardio, or are you doing fine as it is?

kind of a really broad question there…

I think I could use more cardio…I have strength for days but I tire out fast so cardio sounds good now that I’m really thinking about it.

You don’t have to cut back on the weights, but if you feel your cardio is lacking you could adjust the style of weight training that you do.

Try things like complexes, circuits, really any type of resistance training that will get and keep your heart rate up (tax your cardiovascular system), improve your LAT (Lactic Acid Threshold), and improve your strength endurance.

I’ve got my personal preferences, but in all honesty as long as your workout fulfills those requirements it should improve your “cardio” in the ring.

3x a week is a bit much on a boxing program. i couldnt spar, hit the bag or do my roadwork efficiently if i was sore 3 times a week. plus muscular endurance (which is damned important)wont be optimal. try it twice with lots of rest

Ive been around the boxing/fighting community a long time and ive never seen a guy whos muscle at 230 and can still have the muscular endurance for 3 rounds. A freak like tyson or a guy whos 6’5 maybe but i used to Bodybuild and I was around 200 muscle when i started boxing and for me to even be able to do a 2 rounder i had to drop to about 185 to be comfortable.

The thing is in the process I got so lean I looked a million times better cause I was more athletic looking. Felt better to. Depending on height and reach I think your gonna wanna drop down and change up your plan. If you do weight your gonna wanna have periodization and peak for your fights.

In the months leading up your going to want to do alot of single leg work, cleans snatches, fast fast stuff. Once you get closer your going to have to taper the weights right down in favour of maintenance stuff that pushes your cardio and muscular endurance like circuits and complexs and some GPP stuff.