More Calories Before or After Training?

I am a 250 pound Olympic lifter and I need to gain weight. I figure I need about 6000 to 7000 calories a day. My coach told me to get most of my calories before my second workout of the day. So like 4000 before training and 2000 after.

He said that they did this at the olympic trainig center in colorado and weightlifters were actually able to eat more total calories, maintain thier weight, and improve thier body compositions. The rational is that the calories will be used by the body more readily early in the day and for training and if you stuff your face afterwords your body will store more fat.

Everything I have read says that you need most of your calories after training to refuel the body and help it grow. I even know people who wake up in the middle of the night and eat more. So what are your thoughts on calorie ranges before and after training?

I would say after your workout preferably early in the morning… the body is primed for nutrient absorbption and utizliation most efficently towards building muscle and not fat PWO so take advantage of that window.