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More Calories Available in Cooked Food


Interesting read, and a little surprising that this is the first research on effects of cooking on energy availability.


This may be interesting, however once you have established a quantity of food through trial and error and know the effect it has on your body, does it really make a difference if an egg has 30 or 300 calories as long as it effects me the same each time I eat it. We don't know exactly what time it is, or if every football field is exactly 100 yards, but the games go on.


Well yes, of course. I was thinking more from a scientific curiosity perspective, not a physique perspective.

It may help educate the general, non-training, population as well but who knows if that would work.


That makes no sense unless you know exactly how many eggs you need on a cutting diet and a bulk. Why not remove spedometers on cars? Why not get rid of cars all together? Riding horses is healthier and better.


and cooler


Could bust your hymen, though so be careful.


Read my first sentence from however...
Any lifter worth a shit does know how much of this and that they need, that is what the trial and error part is about. Once I get there I don't say to myself I going to eat 285 calories of chicken, or 53.4 grams of protein from chicken, I say 6 ounces of chicken. If 6 ounces of cooked chicken has 2,000 calories what does it matter.
Again....no two spedometers are going to give the same reading (depending on sensitivity), but spedometers serve the purpose. Just like calorie counts.