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More Bush and Kerry fun: What do you get out of it?

I want to start this post off by saying I have no hidden agenda here. I am not here to spew partisan propaganda or make someone believe they are right or wrong for how they feel. This question(s) I ask out of pure curiosity…

What do you guys who repeatedly argue over the Bush/Kerry election, or just the Democrats/Republicans in general get out of it? Do you really believe that because you say “this” or that you found a quote in “that article” that someone is going to change their minds and say, “Oh, maybe he’s right…”? And in all honesty, do you think that those who you argue for REALLY give a shit about what you believe or want other than the fact that they simply want your vote and after that they could give a fuck if they are helping you or not?

However you feel on platform issues, wartime efforts, past military history, etc. is your business and I’ll be the last person to tell you you are wrong for feeling that way, but I just can’t help but look at the COUNTLESS number of topics that are started over this shit everyday (and see how some of you get so passionately involved) and not sit back and wonder if you some of your blood pressure and heart rate counts are a little higher than they necessarily need to be…

P.S. I hope that most of you will have the intelligence to realize that, while there is some shred of truth to how I feel written here, this was mostly just a frustrated rant…

P.S.S. …and yeah, I probably raised my OWN BP and HR count a little higher by doing this…but it felt good :slight_smile:

Good question. I’d like to think it is about getting people to think about things and learn to think for themselves. It’s also about learning the mindset or thinking of people with different points of view – maybe they have something to add to your own point of view.

I remember when I was young I used to echo the opinions that I saw on the news or read in the newspaper. When I was challenged enough I learned to form my own opinions based on my own reasoning and principles.

It’s also very good practice to present an opinion and idea to a tough crowd. It can strengthen your writing and reasoning skills as you attempt to write material that is harder to reject offhand.

Personally, as I get older I am getting more interested in politics. I am starting to take courses in the subject in my spare time and considering running for local or regional offices in the long term future.


It’s a contest - I think my views are the correct views. Elkhntr1, RSU, Lucid,Lumpy and their ilk think they are right. No one who voices their opinions on these boards has the slightest intention of giving in to the other side. It’s about out opining the enemy.

I love to get pissed at the left-wingers’ outlandsish opinions. I hope they also enjoy getting pissed at the right. Our conservative, well thought out, patriotic, and God-inspired truths has to raise the ire of all well meaning, all be it misguided liberals.

I enjoy reading, and participating in the little pissing contests that are created here.

I enjoy reading it. I can’t really get into a political arguement at work, most of my friends share my views, so it is fun to read the arguements on here. I don’t expect anyone to change their mind, but the process is enjoyable.

I agree with the overall meassage of your post, and re: what I get out of it, i would say: access to diff’t views and a nice hot debate once in a while.

The biggest benefit by far is the immense enjoyment I receive by reading/listening to Republican sheeple twist the truth, such as making Kerry out to be an unpatriotic coward unfit to be Commander-in-Chief while Bush is the greatest military leader since Alexander the Great.

Not to mention ignoring Bush’s horrid overspending, which goes everything a Republican should be, ie a fiscal conservative. Ignoring Bush’s favors to corporate America, esp the energy industry his family has been involved in for 70 years. Ignoring Bush’s pathetic international relations. And so on.

Lol…uh oh…I may have started a new one myself :slight_smile:

No seriously this is another question that popped in my head last night and I didn’t write it in the original post because it didn’t really pertain to the message I was trying to convey there. But since it looks like this might turn into another debate thread anyway (which I want no part of, might I add) I would like to throw it out there now.

As far as I know, Bill Clinton had worked out the national budget and brought us out of the enormous debt we were in…now it seems like I hear about the tremendous amount of debt we are in everyday…was this not Bush’s doing? I imagine there’s about a million contributing factors (9/11, war, etc.) that contribute to that and probably a lot of other stuff that I’m willing to admit I have no clue about. I just can’t believe we got into such a crazy amount of debt (if it is, indeed, as bad as a lot of people make it out to be) in such a short period of time.

Again, this is in no way meant to be finger pointing at Bush, hailing the Demos and trashing the Rebs. I could really care less either way who’s better or worse or who’s “fault” it is. It’s just a curiosity :slight_smile:

P.S. I guess I’m starting to get more interested in this stuff from a third-person perspective. It’s kind of fun to look at it from the outside and laugh at how mad people get about it all…

P.S.S. The replies are pretty good so far. Keep them coming.

I look at it this way. If Bush gets re-elected we get a elitist from Yale, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, and other secret organizations.

If Kerry wins the election we get a elitist from Yale, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, and other secret organizations.

The power behind the two canditates are the elite. It’s like we get a false choice. Neither party really looks out for our interests. The simple reason for this is money. It takes a lot of money to become president. Who’s going to give that to them. Mr. Joe Six Pack or big corporations or organizations?

So the whole democrat vs. republican thing is like a false choice. Either way the elite win and the rest suffer.

I don’t think I’m being cynical I just think this is how the system works.

Just venting, mostly.

For me it’s a matter of being lied to or duped on such a gross scale that to remain silent would be criminal! I am a democrat, but I tell you in all honesty if Clinton or Kerry or anyone else, Democrat or Republican, Capitalist or Communist, would have perpetrated this gross injustice to the American people and the world, I would be very vocal about it!

I get the joy of knowing that I am right and everyone else is wrong. but seriously it is fun to debate issues such as these with others, unless you feel very strongly about a subject and can’t take others disagreeing with your point of view.

I also think many of us do secretly hope that we can bring the “silver Bullet” to the debate. That maybe whe have the Idea or info that will turn the other side. We all logically know that this is really never going to happen, but we dream anyways. Plus I have been debating things with my friends and family since I was able to talk, I love it, I don’t even care about politics that much except for the fact that alot of people debate it. So, politics is kinda like pro sports for debaters.

I think they are just issues we are all passionate about and wish to put forth the argument or approach that might spark a different thought in someone’s otherwise indoctrinated mind.

I think we all find these issues important and can’t understand the disparity of views (we can understand…but we really cant!)